Im a white guy, but would you believe me if I said that I know exactly what African americans feel when they are discriminated. That's right, I didn't think it odd but apparently white children adopted by a black parent aren't that common. In fact I have never personally met anyone else like this. I have met black kids with white adopted parents but not white kids adopted by black parents. I was adopted at three and raised until 18 and keep a close relationship with him to this day (21 years old). I have a black brother and sister (twins) and the odd part is I have faced more racism then they have.

Its especially awkward when I get told by a coupe white guys not to act "Black"....I wasn't aware I was. I grew up in Brooklyn, got my hair cut at Jamaican barbershops and all my friends until I turned 12 were black. Even stranger is apparently my siblings act white due to being raised in a white neighborhood.

Ive been picked on, beaten and even at one point stabbed for this.... Times are getting better but people have along way to go. Seriously what the hell! Ive had to fight out of the most ridiculous of situations. If you think in terms of race then go **** yourself. this is the 21st century and race has nothing to do with family.

I try to be tolerant but stupid **** is stupid ****
Emprosium Emprosium
Aug 19, 2014