My Open Letter.

Hi Ep,

Recently, I've been feeling a bit pissy about you. Really. And there's a couple of things I think we could iron out. You see lately, I've been getting a lot of **** comments from people who either don't read my stories and decide it an important use of their time to send useless generic **** my way, or from people who totally disagree with me and think I require their 'schooling' about particular things.

I've found it pretty tedious actually, and have been writing bitchy comments all over the place. Now while I'm not trying to drive everyone away, I really would appreciate a little understanding on these matters. I believe in a world where you can always walk away from something, and I'd rather see you walk away than make a half arsed effort. And I don't want to be antagonised either.

Ep, you've become a haven on here for me. A place for me to uncompromisingly organise who I am and how I feel about my world AS I SEE IT. I like this about you. Its something that I wouldn't change. So I'm not afraid to defend my stories in my experiences with all the gall I can muster.

You see, I feel a certain protectiveness. My stories are my babies. And I don't want them vandalised by half baked cliches or antagonistic bullshit. There are places elsewhere on this site for that kind of nonsense.

So flag me if you must, EP, because I know you can be fickle. But deep down I am a bit of a *****. I don't have the energy for fake niceties sometimes and I wish people would show a little more consideration when they're thinking about comments.


chairmanmeow chairmanmeow
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4 Responses Mar 1, 2009

I take it back. Nobody is entitled to an opinion that can't be defended with logical argument.

Yes, people have the right to comment. In fact, they have a 'right' to say pretty much whatever they want in most countries provided its not offensive.<br />
<br />
Offensive, however, does not seem to cover things which are just insensitive, shallow, tedious or time wasting.<br />
<br />
Sure, you've got a right to comment, but as yourself why do I want to? What will it achieve? Is it worth my time? Is it worth the time of the person whose story I'm going to comment on?<br />
<br />
Then think very carefully about what you're going to say.

I feel the same way.

We all have our right to comment!<br />
<br />
Never stop! <br />
<br />
" I may never agree with you,but, I will defend your right to say it!"