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I AM A BLACK LESBIAN! AND PROUD!  I am really.... lol. My story begins here and has yet to end I'm met my gf a little over 2 yrs ago and fell in love with her then and still love her just as much now. It's great meeting someone and then slowly get to know them, what they do, and who they really are and it has been and rough and joyus experience and wouldn't trade her for anything. We are currently living together ( and have been for quite sometime now) and discussing the topic of marriage and starting a family. It's very exciting, BUT there is just one thing. She and I alike don't have to many lesbian/gay friends not because we don't want any we just don't have to many functions to go to meet other ppl in the lgbt community! I would love to talk to someone who can feel the same feelings I'm feeling and have someone to talk to about it and share my happiness with. I would also love to meet a couple who is getting married or have gotten married so i can hear about wedding ideas!
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Great story and congratulations. My advice would be to keep getting to know one another, you never know true love until you've been in many situations good and bad with a person to really know if they can be your lifetime partner. 2 years seems long, but not long enough, keep doing what you do, mingle with others and enjoy your lives has no boundaries or conditions..true love conquers all x

i dont know if im a lesbian im in gym at my school and i cant help to look at one certain girls a$$

Hello Lady<br />
How are ya ?!<br />
My name is Jovanka i'm 26 years old and i'm from the Netherlands but my parents are originally from Surinam (South America). <br />
As you can read in my profile i haven an online magazine that is called Lipless The Magazine (Lipless stands for Lipstick Lesbians) it's an online glossy for open-minded, bi-curious and lesbian women.<br />
My goal is to show the world a fair reflection of the world by putting beautyfull girls of colour in the Magazine. Right now i'am working with a translator to translate the articles from Dutch to English! <br />
<br />
I''m desperatly in search of support from my beautyfull black community all over the world ! Because i thinks it's important for (young) women of colour to know that it's ok to be gay! and that no mather were in the world you live there will always be some one who can relate to your story! <br />
So please joine us @ facebook and keep in mind the articles will be in English soon : <br />
<br />
Te website is :<br />
Hope to see you on facebook!<br />
With love Jovanka <br />
ps: I'm also searich for someone how would like to wright an blog on the website about being of colour and lesbian so if your interrested? pleasee let me know

I am looking for friends too. What do you do? What are your interests?

Same I only have 1 gay friends and Im looking to find more but I cant atm mostly because of location Im thinking about moving soon and I wud be nice if someone contacted me =P for now ill just stay on this and hope things go well

Hello coffee, how are you? My girlfriend and I have the same problem. We don't have many gay friends. We don't know why we are very friendly people. We have a grown daughter and have been together for eight years now. Even though we are older (mid thirties) we would love to chat with you.

This is so sweet :)