I Am A Black Bisexual Lesbian

Why do I call myself a Black Bisexual Lesbian? Because although I cannot ignore my attraction to the male species, I have a desire for women. However, that tends to be a problem when it comes to finding companionship. It is even harder when you have so many particulars about the person you want in your life. Like I want someone that is as cultural as I or more. I want someone that likes the same music I like. I am told that I don't look my age, so I want someone that doesn't look her age either lol. I want someone that is health conscious, intelligent and self sufficient. Someone that is feminine, pretty sexy and sensual. someone that is a bisexual Lesbian like me. Someone that is compassionate and has a great sense of humor. Now tell me where in the heck am I going to find this miracle person. And because I am unwavering I guess I will always be alone. I live in a town that is not very cultured and it is not easy to meet people. It doesn't help that I don't drink or smoke (any more) So I don't have any desire to go places that people expect me to drink or buy drinks. So that leaves me with a SOL story unless a miracle Nubian woman can drop out of the sky... oh and I don't date outside of my race... well mostly.v
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I am black lady married but attracted to ladies. I identify with what you say about not drinking or smoking. I love my culture. Have taught my kids my mother tongue. Still feel the need to be with a woman.Have watched tribbing vids. They are hot.

I knew a black girl who wouldnt datr outside of her race. My little white ***** changed her mind...you should try it. ..hot story. You made me so horny

Have you ever heard of dicky down dykes... I say that to say it doesn't matter your sexual orientation what matters is what type of person you are. If you are inscrupulous then you will exercise all types of indescretions, disloyalty and cheat... believe me lesbians do it as well. What you should look for is a woman that is mature, stable minded and a committed individual. If you look in the right places and get to know the person long enough you will see if she is that type of person from her actions. I am grown as hell. I know what I want. I am not a cavalier individual... If I am with you, I am with you and that's it... If I choose to pursue a relation with you I am looking for a life long partner... I am not permiscuous... so being Bi has nothing to do with the characters you state... You guys really should take the B out of LGBT because it gets no love in the community... or maybe it means Biyach and I've just been delusional.