A Jamaican Butch

Am a jamaican butch, that has plenty of relationship with women but never able to find that 1 girl that fits my needs. I am simple and very old school, i enjoy being who i am and am comfortable with my sexuality though some of my family knows but the ones that dont if i should tel them they would not be surprise cos ever since i can remember i av always shown by action i wanted to be a les, i would sexually trouble my cousins or step sis, now av grown am ready to commit to a girl that i can be myself with but where can i find that girl that enjoys romance, pampering, simple things, and jus being herself? Am a butch that is not much of a crowd person but i do socialise, am soft spoken but can be very aggressive if angered, am dominant via sex and love bein in control,am not physically or abusive in any form though if i have to i wil. Am protective when needs be, love is hard to find and so i fear living a life with only loneliness, i sometimes wonder if il ever find that one fem that i can spend my life with, i dont care if she has kids, or cant have kids or how she look, or shape, as long as she as squali of a tru woman with ambition. Am confuse and angered by the thought of not findin true love. It hurts
Jamaicanles Jamaicanles
22-25, F
1 Response Jan 11, 2013

Thank you for your response its funny how your response is exactly what am lookin to hear, yes i am young but stil i feel am gettin older and am watchin person with their spouse happy and dream of when il have that. Yes am dominant during sex i love being in charge at all times, yes i love makin my rules and she follows cos my rules are not to hurt her but to keep her in place, spankin il do but it must end wit hardcore sex.i want that special to come now