What Is Barecave?

Barecave is my username here at the Experience Project. It's also the pet name that I have for wherever I call home. I became a social nudist while still in college and before I had my own apartment. After graduation, one summer back home with my parents was my limit and allowed me time to settle into my first professional experience, save some money and acquire my own place.

My first home-away-from-home was a basement efficiency apartment: my cave. Since I was already a practicing naturist/nudist, it became my bare-cave, as in no clothes. Hence my username: barecave. As its also my pet name for home, I sign my posts, "the kid from the barecave."

The avatar logo I use here is Dare2Bare. If you visit me at the barecave, you're greeted upon entry with a sign that says the same.

the kid from the barecave
barecave barecave
26-30, M
1 Response Jan 9, 2013

LOVE IT ! Great introduction man