I Really Never Knew I Loved White Men :)

Well i use to always have these feelings for light caremel skinned black men with alot of hair on their head and tattoos and you know that bad boy thing going on. but that was then, so you know years days months hours seconds or whatsoever has gone by and i definatly started to realize this attraction i had towards white men and i meen any white men though i definatly prefer the "HOOD" white men you know the ones with the black persons slang and voice how they dress you know the tattoos whatsoever but yeah i had figured this all out by just seeing how things go for some reason when i talk to a black guy i just dont feel the same as i would for a white guy for a black guy i would look at them for looks or if the have a nice bod or whatsoever but def. when it came to i white man my heart would beatt 10X faster i start getting all googley and wet for them my mind start to think in many places whether if its straight love or lust for him...i meen i have had tryed to talk to diffrent races but it just dont feel the same as if i was going for a white guy...i tell you this now on all my sites that i mostly have an account for you will see nothing but white men trying to get with me wanting to start a realtionship with me oh how they want me got to have me and so on and so on...you just know how good it will feel to play in the snow :)...but i cant because there is def. 1 confession i do certainly have to make....IM 18 AND A VIRGIN...and im sure hellz aint giving it up to any or everybody because i def. respect my self and my body...but i would def. someday one day do give it up to the one i love and he loves e back...but anyways back to my white chocolate desire/prefrence i really find a white man much better especially on how they make me feel and act once im around him ... i wouldnt say i would do anything just to hold that chocolate but i would def. say i would do almost any or everything to love and lust him....
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Do u share pics?

Get what you want!

Please add me and let's chat. :)

I'm right here baby

thank you very much..

well if it has nothing to with sex or disrespet heyy im up for anything other than that im good

Hmm baby, I'm white and would love to be near you, hold you cuddle you, chat to you . . . you can love and lust me just anyway you want honey, my lilywhite body's here for you to enjoy any way you want !! I always respect a girl who's saving herself for the right guy but who likes fun!! Lets have some white on black fun baby !!!!

sounds good to me


Mmm . . .am thinkin' of some hot fun we could have without penetration !! You up for that ?

wow mr i want to know it all :)...for 1 thanxx im trying to keep it that way for a while longer or as long as i can...2 no i have never done nothing sexually ever in my life so trust me i dont know what to do...3 it can be any age just not too d@mn old i dont row my boat that way...4 am i looking for a gangster pretty much no i dont mind a white man being black with some tats here and there blah blah blah i dont judge that much trust it dosent get you kno where in life....and lastly...i would my first time to be something special something i wont regret romantic gentle and everything all real...nothing too planned out because that will feel very weird idk what ever dosent put me in regret and in awkwardness