I Love Them

Ever scince i was a younger girl which was not that lng ago i have liked white guys. Scince 8th grade yr. I'm just so attracted to them i think about dating them more than any other race. there's just sonething about their features and skin that makes ostory ne gi wild. lol but yea i never dated won i actually haven't. dated anyone yet. Buy yea that's my story.
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6 Responses Jan 16, 2013

I am in the first relationship with a black woman. she is precious to me and i love her so much.

Race dont mean nothing, jus matters how u feel bout eachother, I myself ddnt care bout it, rather be happy

Where you from Beautiful?... If it's London, we can sort out a date right now!!!.... If not just know, there is white guys that feel just the same about you.

I'm white and regardless of my picture have a legit problem with younger girls hitting on me, oddly a decent amount are black! It's odd lol

Lol is rather not put my age on a post, add me and I will tell you (I'm sure you have some idea from my profile though)

I cannot pinpoint a reason why this can happen. I would say it who we grow up with and perhaps people whom we have moved a lot with as children

what attracts you so much to white men