I Am Me

I am a woman and yes I am black. I have strived for the best in life and work hard to achieve my goals. I have been called names and critisized for my quest for higher education. I don't care, because I see my goals in the future. I see myself being what I want to be. I see myself being the next CEO of my own company. I am the product of blood sweat and tears of ancestors past, of many women who couldn't attain what I have now achieved. I am their future.

I am a black woman, I will always be a black woman. I love my skin color and I love my race.

KashK KashK
26-30, F
6 Responses Dec 2, 2008

Kash, thank you for your story. :) I don't know many black women, though I would love to. I'm sure I could learn a lot about you. We should chat sometime, perhaps. :)

yay!!! describing me!!! XD

Go for all you want!<br />
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Color is a hang-up, only for those who are hung-up with it!!<br />
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I agree... color is a hang up... :)

Here Here!!!!!!!

Thanks Rochelle

Keep going and reach as high as you can go!