I Love Their Sexuality

When I was younger, I was very sure that I was going to marrying a white guy. Now, I pretty sure that is not going to happen. I never lost my attraction to them, it's just that I opened myself to other races and now I'm deeply involved with a black guy. It's just something about a white guy that will just keep you interested, for me it is the sexual aspect. I am into a lot of things and I've explored the depths of the internet and I know no matter how dirty I get, a white guy will even take it a step further, that is what I like the most. I love my bf, but I just have a feeling that he will not be able to accept it all, I don't mind closing off some the dirtier sides to myself, I just feel like I'll be holding on to a secret that I wouldn't have to keep if I was involved with a white guy.
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i love black women and they give me pleasure just knowing them they are hot and sexy and sweet want to have a black lady to love

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What do you mean where was I? I'm right here...lol.

the dirty'er the better ..... oh Bloo ....... where were you ???

i'm a black girl and i've always been really attracted to white guys. i liked the look of them, they way they talk(in general), their voices and their skin. i never understand why white people tan. they have such pretty pale skin, not that i don't like my own but theirs is nice too. leave it pale. but anyways, yeah it's not that i closed myself off of other ethnicities. it's just that they have held my attention...and i seem to have more common interests well in common with them. and it's nice not to get teased for it.