White Men Black Women....What Is The Attraction All About?

As a black woman who likes, dates, and prefers white men, I am curious as to so what the attraction is all about? Is it about the color of skin? In the United States and various other "white"/European nations does it have to do with the legacy of slavery? Is it a curiosity factor if the "rumors" about black women sexually are true?

For me I have always since I was five years old liked white men. There is something about a white man that just well damn! Words cannot describe it other than it's my preference and what I want/like. Someday I hope to be married to a white man and yes, while I know it's what's on the inside that counts and I agree I just prefer white men. That being said how and where have you met or meet white men who like black women as they don't wear signs!

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Probably fked up middle age mentality of low esteem of your skin color that you want something better than yourself.

Although most black women are usually and mostly not good looking.

that's rude, dude.
who are U to judge ?

Us white guys feel the same about you Black Queens, too. You are soooo very beautiful to us...


I am a 48 year old white man, and I am very attracted to black women. I have dated and been married to white females most of my life, but my last girlfriend of 4 years was my first black girlfriend. Unfortunately, I did find out that she was starting to date other guys in our 4th year of our relationship which is the ultimate reason why we are no longer together. However, ever since our relationship had ended, I find myself checking out most of the black women that I see, and I haven't been looking at the white women as much. I hope that my ex girlfriend and her lack of faithfulness was a fluke, because I really loved her. I just hope God puts the right women in my path. I'm a very good person, and I wound love to have a long term relationship with another black woman that is kind, loving, and FAITHFUL. I hope to find her soon.

I just love all women

I say thank God I went white and saw the light, sweet and delicious they are....

I went overseas, I've been to south Africa. The ladies love white guys. The ladies are so beautiful. It was the best sexx. I've ever had as a guy.lol

So are you a woman now? What do you mean best sex I ever had as a guy?

Lol, I'm still a guy. Its the first time, I didn't have to say anything. We naturally switch positions.

I've always loved black women!

LOL good for you :)

Slavery days are long gone. I just prefer the looks of women of color. They even feel better (warmer and smoother); it might be the melanin.

Most straight men, unlike women, can see themselves involved with any race of woman as long as the passionate chemistry is there. I don't think there's any special place you need to go to, in order to find a white male that's interested in you. I think the problem may lie in the fact, that despite popular belief, men fear rejection more than women. This trait is amplified when a guy views a woman outside the normal social acceptance range of interracial relationships of his current circles of friends. What I am trying to say is that it may be up to you to make the first move in this situation

hey, C. plz pay attention to this fella. he knows ..... i couldn't have said it better.
chemistry sees no color. a good man deserves a good woman and a good woman deserves a good man...
most folks now a days, couldn't care less about who is being seen with whom. your family may object cuz they want the best for you. your friends? pay no mind as to what they think. if they do make a fuss? i suggest that you kick them to the curb and get a better quality of people.
this is YOUR life. don't forget that, K?

We do wear signs. It is in the eyes and the smile when we see you.

Awe how sweet and good to know ;-)

I am a blond male. I am attracted to few black females and I've always assumed they were not attracted to me. I had one black female comment that she would never date a man prettier than her (reference to me). Although, I was not actually attempting to date her. Black men and white men have TOTALLY different physical attributes. This is harsh but I like to touch a woman's hair and black women have SUCH coarse dry hair (and most seem to wear wigs or weaves). I do like many Hispanic woman who may be mixed with African (and dark) but have soft, long hair.

Black women's hair not all of us is dry and coarse hair so your statement isn't fair. Also not all of us wear wigs. I do not believe in fake hair and my hair is soft to the touch. Honestly I might be wrong about you but your response to my story seems biased and I do not understand why you commented to be honest. What is it that you were trying to say?

Racist comment...there's always a few in a bunch.lol choose the Beyonce's and hate on the Kelly Rowlands. So so...white.lol

No we don't wear signs so we're not easy to spot. From my stand point of view, I like women, color is not the issue. One stereotype I have found to be true, black women seem to complain less about their body than white women

The reasons I like black women more than white women are: Their faces usually are much more attractive, and their skin is usually more attractive.

White women are just kinda gross in comparison. I plan on marrying a black woman someday, and having adorable little mixed babies!

Hope you find the woman of your dreams.

Aww, thanks! I hope so too.

Interesting story here. On a psychological level, i suppose there's a number of factors to it. This is just me hypothesizing, mind, basing my information off of person experiance and whatnot. There's going to be a lot of generalizations, so please forgive me for them in advance.

One thing i've noticed to be the biggest difference between white and black men is simply attitude. (generalization warning). Most black men (MOST NOT ALL) have a rather hard exterior and match it with their personality, even in private at times. They have the tendency to want to radiate that "Alpha Male" concept all the time, no matter the situation. Most White men (MOST NOT ALL) tend to be the exact opposite. They don't mind being a little bit more on the sensitive side, even in public. They show their emotions a bit more openly then most black men do, and as such this can be an attractive quality.

It could also be the sense of the "exotic". Like how some men just LOVE asian women, or Latin, or whatever, it's that feeling of the exotic. Even though the US is white/black majority, a interracial coupling of that type is still fairly uncommon, even in large cities. So it allows that feeling of being exotic, or taboo. Maybe it's the excitement of the idea of stepping out of your own race.

I, personally, have never been with a black woman. It's not that the idea hasn't necessarily appealed to me, but the situation has never presented itself where i felt a relationship could possibly blossom. (I suppose being an anti-social hermit isn't helping either o.O) So i don't have PERSONAL experience with a black woman.

And on a final note, i'm not prejudiced, i hate everybody equally :D

LOL I hit send too early on the last one cause I had to take breakfast out of the oven....Banana muffins! mmm. I want to finish saying that I do think a lot of us have a certain preference...to one sort of person or another...But I also think a lot of men white or otherwise would be totally turned on by a woman with a great personality and an open and FUN sense of sexuality and YOU got it ALL!!

hmmm, this is an interesting question to think on. I'm white but hubs is half Japanese and half Native American...I dated black guys cause they were alpha looking and sweeties. I dated more then a few Asians....cause they were totally alpha and sweet with me. I dated a couple of guys from the middle east...same stuff..nice guys, good brains and cranking bodies... I have a close, white guy friend who has been married to the sweetest black girl ever...cause she's a sweety and darn smart.....I think folks hook up looking for good qualities and any ethnicity can have the best and the worse in it.... <br />
<br />
I am pretty sure most, NON prejudice guys of any ethnicity would date any other ethnicity because they're looking for specific qualities and NOT a certain ethnicity. I'm lucky that I keep far away from prejudice folks...I can't deal with them... <br />
<br />
I have dated wayyy more men of varied ethnic origins then I have just white guys....I love a deep skin tone and I melt for those big dark eyes and dark hair....It's all about the chemistry combined with the right personality for me!!

you make sure that that white fella is the one for you. you'll both have one hard row to how as you go through your lives. <br />
make sure that he treats you well and that you treat him well in return. K?<br />
good luck and God Bless,

HAHAHA We don’t wear signs. That was cute. I can say though honestly, where I live it is VERY and I can’t stress that enough VERY rare to see a black female with a white man. I don’t think it has nothing to really do with the white male not being attracted to or even wanting to date a black woman, I think it has more to do with just how segregated the area is, Trust me where I live it’s not like the two races don’t intermingle on a daily basis, it’s just how far behind the times this big city is. What’s really funny is I was talking to a friend today about this very subject because we were talking about other states we had lived in and where we had gone to school at and I told him where I had lived in Illinois when I was in school it was as common to see a black woman dating a white man there as it is to see a black man dating a white woman here. He just laughed and said that out of all the people we know he was the only one to date a white woman here, the others just “HAD FUN” with them. I just laughed, but then I thought about it and he was right. The area I live in is just that messed up.<br />
<br />
As for the “RUMORS” part, to be honest I never really noticed a major difference at all, but then again that’s another whole different story because evidently I’ve been told by the black men I know it’s because the black women I’ve dated were either “TO LIGHT SKINNED” or “TO EDUCATED” … Now if that isn’t the dumbest thing you’ve ever heard.

Your exotic...... Smooth dark skin looks healthy and warm. Black women are strong and aggressive know what they want and don't beat around bush. If they want you they make it known if not they make that known too. It could be a taboo in some areas and what shouldn't be is what we desire. I have never been with a black woman sexually but find them quite enticing. To be dominated by a beautiful black woman is a fantasy, along with many others. Shall we go on?

Please don't. You lost me with your feelings about domination and aggression. But as long as it's a fantasy, you necessarily won't hurt anyone, especially yourself.

There's a lot that goes into physical attraction, and it's different for everyone. However, skin is a part of physical attraction, some more than others. I tend to pay more attention to hair than skin, but I do like nice skin, and I actually prefer lighter skinned women myself, but like I said, it's different for everybody, but I think it's just natural that you prefer the darker skin tone of black men, just like I prefer the lighter skin tone of white women. Of course personality and "what's on the inside" is more important than looks, but we would all be lying if we said we don't have any physical preference.

Um I don't like black men....I date and like white men.

That's what I meant...I accidentally got it backwards. But you get the point, right? You're probably attracted to lighter skin, just like I'm attracted to long hair.

This is the most beautiful post of comments I have yet read! It brings tears to my eyes to know that not all people are racist or prejudice! We need to embrace our differences and accept the fact that no one is going anywhere anytime soon! Great stories! Would love to all meet and tell our stories!

I don't think there is anything wrong with anyone dating anyone else race should not matter at all. I have dated men outside of my race over the years but unfortunately I find men the same regardless of race...they don't seem to want relationships anymore...hmmmmm

Ummm great point, most of the white men I dated they were more sensitive to my needs, and were always willing to please. Black men, I think are harder to please. But when they love, they love hard though!

now just to find that one who really wants something out of a relationship not just a game player! That is what I want!

Which kind of loving are you talking about, sister? Physical or emotional?

I think it depends where you are. From where I am there are many "mixed" relationships, however most seem to meet up at a younger age, I think post college/varsity it gets a lot more complicated.

@caramelicious im a white guy in orange county-in which we have black/white integration altho OC only has 1% black ration (sad face). furthermore, my last 5 girlfriends were all black. my most memorable relationship was a kenyan named monica, the most beautiful romance and sex i have ever tasted lol. im open so i tried white girls but there is no mutual attraction. i have done decent with latinas. but really, black women love me & i love them too. im a poet and im r&b so i got that slow jam flow lol. Black women personality is down to earth & top notch, black women as a whole r not as stuck up & self-centered as whites, latinas, asians. this jus my experience. i love a black woman's natural smell, her texture, her curves (i love the booty lol). seriously tho, i am also Christian and so many black women grow up in Christian households. its hard to come across black women in OC. I grew up in riverside & san bernardino but it is so ghetto. Please tell me if there is a chocolate city that is safe & integrated.

OMG we need to talk because I grew up in the IE too!!!!!

JUDGE ME NOT BY THE COLOUR OF MY SKIN, BUT BY THE CONTENT OF MY CHARACTER. From One Black Woman To The Other, Not Here To Judge, Just Wanted To Share This.

U R soooo spot on... TY for clicking this.
i uh... how do i say this? ... i'll eye a woman up and down. that woman may be easy upon the eyes BUT what strikes me the most is...what comes out of her mouth. to me, a woman's words should be soft, gentle and sweet. being well mannered is of the utmost importance to me. looking good is one thing but speaking like a "ghetto rat?" EWWWWW! no thanks.
i was brought up to be a gentleman. i watch my mouth too. eff this and eff that, is UGH!
there are so many words to describe what a person wants to, say but sadly substitutes them with eff. sigh......................
well, i said what i had wanted to say so, i'll shut my face.
that's all, over and out... (static)

maybe we should make up some t-shirts...for us white guys to wear..saying we like black women.

Yeah I like that idea and think that you need to!


Caramelicious<br />
Woman you have provoked a response from me I am a middle aged white boy that is still very much in love with his high school sweetheart ….and yes she just happened to be black our families where very much racists and eventually tore us apart ,she was the most beautiful thing that I have ever seen we stared at each other for several months before I had the courage to speak to her it just so happened to be in a place where we were alone I grabbed her and held her and kissed her and I have never felt such passion. We were sneaky and hid from our families as best we could be the whole second semester of or senior year, never before or since have I had such an intense relationship ….we were in love as much as two 17 year olds could be in love. HER YOUNGER BROTHER bless his heart saw us together one day and attacked me calling me a @@##$$%% white boy, she threw him around telling him it was none of his business I held him down and said the same ……long story short her family was just as prejudice as my family and the pressure was unbearable. I truly thought that her father would kill me if I perused his daughter. 30 years later and two white wives’s later my youngest son has a wonderful girl friend that he wants to marry and you guessed it she is black and the second most beautiful woman that I have ever met. As for me I live alone.

What a beautiful story! Thank u for sharing!

Well not sure if there is a specific attraction. I am attracted to women period. each women is unique. They all have(well maybe most) have their own characteristics I find attractive. For some its their laugh, maybe their smile, How they behave like a lady, strong yet affectionate. I think there is a little excitement in the possibility of crossing racial lines. I am not sure of the rumors of black women and sexuality. I must have lived a sheltered life. I have travelled and have been true to one women for over twenty years. She decided to walk away a year ago, now I am pursuing a divorce and looking to eventually find someone to share the rest of my life with. Whoever she is race really has entered into it.

Did you mean 'has not entered into it'? Let us know how it's working out for you now.

Who knows why, and who can explain sexual tastes? There is someone for everyone at least. I find some black women attractive, and some not. I can say the same for white and Asian women. Some skinny, and some fat too. Looks alone don't make it.

I could not agree more!!! Very well put.

If they pay attention to you would be a hint they might be interested.

wait.......there are rumors about black women?

LOL like you didnt know! ;) and YES!

HAHAHA! I think you SOO know that!

black women are adroable and they have such a sexy body and smell to them . i love when they bounce around with there big boobies. and woant a dominant black women who wears high heels and leather and smells good when she is hot

I think there are a number of reasons why white people are attracted to black people, and vice versa. It could be sexual in one way or another, or even psychological. For instance, some believe that one should date or "relate" to another within the bounds of their own ethnicity, and others believe that this is the wrong way to look at things, and he/she wants to prove it by "relating" to one outside said bounds, and show that there is nothing wrong with it. Now, I'm not saying this is you, however it's just my opinion. I personally believe that people are free to date whomever they choose, not just in the U.S., but everywhere in the world, its not like you can help it when you become attracted to someone else.

I stopped trying to understand and take the time to enjoy and even moan on it

It always fascinated me to think about cute tanned skin baby that i could of make with a black woman.<br />
This is the most amazing and sensual subject for me to think about.

Luvsbbws2,<br />
<br />
<br />
Thanks for your kind words. What makes you think or feel that I have a lot of the qualities you are looking for and thereby making me a special woman? I am curious as I have heard that before and yet no one seems to want to get to know me better, so your insight is greatly appreciated.<br />
<br />
Colormevibrant,<br />
<br />
I might just have to get my get my flirt on! :)

Hi Caramel - you can find a lot of guys interested in dating across racial lines online. But it's unclear whether they're into serious relationships. I also had luck finding white guys willing to date black women at work and/or at the gym. You may have to be willing to be a little flirtatious first. Guys in general are often a bit clueless. Good luck in your search! :-)

hello friend, enjoyed yor comments. I think the color of skin , of a person, is what god chose, for each us, and it shouldnt be a factor, when it comes to liking/ disliking, a person. I would rather chat with a person, before deciding if I like/love that person. as I am looking for a good woman, with a good personality, I dont consider the color of skin, but a good personality, great smile, trustworthy, optimistic outlook on life. I think you have a lot of theses qualities, which makes you a special woman.