I Love White Men!!! :)

I am a black & native american mixed bbw. Ive onyl dated 2 black guys in my life. The rest have been white men. I absolutely love white men. I really found myself becoming intrested in them in high school. Where I am from 90% are white, 5% mexican / asain, and 5 % blacks. In the 5% black were mostly my family members. I dont do ******! LOL! Anyways, that left me with other options. Ive always been attracted to them. Im not going to bash any black men, but white men really know how to treat a lady. Their openminded, and I love that. I am happy to say that I am married to a white man and he is in the United States Army! He made me an army wife. :) Im 5 months pregnant and we are getting very excited to share the world with our soon to be daughter. For any black women out there who are thinking about dating a white guy....I say go for it, and I hope you become as happy as I am. Remember....Diversity is beautiful!
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I think I loved you.

iIm glad to read about black woman's experiences. not enough mixing of the races on EP. My first ***** was a black girl, just because she was there not because I had a thing for black girls. Any way diversity is interesting.

You know what u want and have it..good for you. Congratulations on the baby.
Just curious what tribe...??


Here is my question... why the heck do black men and women act like there is only white ppl in the universe when it comes to dating and relationships? There are sooooooo many other races out there so why just limit yourself to white? The world is not just black and white. And honestly if ur going for someone just because of the color of their skin its kind of pathetic dont u think?

Let's talk and see where it takes us.

I'm sorry, sweetheart. I am Married.

Why can't I be her (someone on TAGGED from NYC originally and now in Upstate NY) boo? :'( I probably showed how sweet I am but at the same time, she's not talking with me right now! :'(

She stopped talking to you? Why? Your such a sweet guy! :)

Aww thank you! :) I don't know! :( Maybe she felt I was doing too much on her profiles for someone "that doesn't know her" :'(.. I am longing to be with her and if that never worked out, it would make me really sad, not only that, but on another note, I would be willing to be an extra husband for you to take care of you in addition to Anthony, if he was so overwhelmed with his daily tasks! :) <3

She doesn't deserve you, sweetheart! Her loss....LOL! An extra husband, huh? Mhmm....I've never thought of that and it could be fun. Just I don't play with people's emotions and I don't want to hurt you. Sharing loving feelings can be dishearting if your not the type of person who is ok with it. I have no doubt you would care for me, but how do you honestly feel about it?

Well I know that I've suffered quite a bit myself so I am willing to take the risks! ;) I appreciate your caring and I find that truly beautiful in a person! :) <3

I hate that you have had to suffer. You deserve the same kindness and love you have shown me.

Thank you so much! :) <3 And I feel so awful for the bad things you went through in life and wish I could have been there to save you and rescue you from it all! :) <3

What she doesn't understand is that I have autism and that makes me talk to people or strangers more than society deems "normal"..But that's nothing I can totally help... I am genuinely a very affectionate guy and I feel so heartbroken that she would feel this way! :'( I'm just trying to get to know her! :)

Some people don't understand that. Maybe she is doing you a favor, because if she is that shallow then she doesn't deserve you! I have friends who have children with autism and I have a cousin as well who has it, so I am quite aware of what goes on. If she can't accept it then move on.....its her loss not yours!

Thanks Barbie! :) <3

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Great attitude from an attractive woman. Your stories are great and would like to be in your circle.

I just added you! :)

You Are A Attractive Lady Your Husband Is Lucky IWould Like To B Your Friend Will You Add me

I just added you! :)

Beauty has no color, I saw your picture and just thought "hot lady"

I am white man, went out on a date with a black girl and loved it! Especially at the end of the date when I dropped her off, lol got a little steamy in the car needless to say, lol. We never shared intimacy, but I have for the longest time wanted to share in the desires of intimacy and sex with a black woman. You are gorgeous!

That is awesome. Love for all people!

Just let me say, any of you beautiful black ladies that are interested in white males, be sure and look me up.

SidNTx on the Y

A huge thanks to you and your husband for your military service. I know even though you may not actively serve, the support a service members spouse gives is equally important. Thanks, again!!

I LOVE Ebony women just to bad I cant find one that even shows the slightest interest in me.

I LOVE Ebony women just to bad I cant find one that even shows the slightest interest in me.

A lovely story , alot of white guys i Know would love to date a black a Women ,but just shoot them selves down by thinking that they would have no chance.

They should at least try.

This is such a refreshing perspective to hear, for once!!! Thanks, and good luck with your family.

Im glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for the comment! :)

My pleasure!!! Too tired of reading about white women who just want the BBC. At least your reasons have DEPTH and aren't superficial!

I understand how you feel. Where Im from is mostly white girls with black men. Im different....I love white men! Yes, I am a lucky woman to have my husband. He means the world to me. :)

Well he is very luck to have you as well! So you are all lucky to have each other! xo

I couldnt agree more. Are you looking to date a black woman?

Well, I think my white wife may have something to say about that! ;-) lmao

Oh Im sorry. I didnt know you were married. LOL!

No problem! If it piques your interest, I am certainly not discriminatory!!!

Thats wonderful to know. :)

There is a black lady who invites us to her son's birthday party every year (he is a classmate of my son). I have fantasized about ******* her tbh..... her husband died suddenly several years back, she's way too young and pretty to be a widow.

Mmm...thats a hot fantasie! You should write a story about it or have you already done that?

No I haven't done that one. Her name is Joy. Maybe I'll call it Enjoying Joy. ;-)

Hahaha! I like it! GO for it! Please let me know when you write it and post it. Id love to read it! :)

Of course I will! xo

Cant wait! :D

Any new updates with Joy?

No! It hasn't happened yet! In fact, the last couple of years have kind of been a fizzle. I once texted her a link to my Ode to Joy story by "accident". Either she never saw it, or she saw it and decided to show less interest!

I'm sure she probably didn't see it. I can almost guarantee she would have said something.

I can only wish! Ahhhhhh

Keep wishing. It will eventually come true! :)

That would be so much fun!

Yes, it sure would.

You're sweet! Xo

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very nice hope every thing goes well for you nice to find a black lady that likes white males

like this, and unlike you, I have no problem bashing black men if the topic rose up lol. my hubby is black and boy was THAT a mistake. and the other black guy i was getting with my teenage years turned out to be a loser too. lol.

funny though cuz i think black women and white men look awesome together hehe

love the profile pic, soooo cute. such an adorable package.

Respect, nice story

We love you too

So glad you are happy!

Thank you! :)

It's great to learn that black woman are interested in white men because that's is exactly the kind of experience I desire! Although unfortunately there isn't a great load of ethnic diversity in my little patch of Ireland... Haha still, a guy can dream! :)

Awe...one day you will get lucky. You should move to the usa, sweetheart.

Yeah maybe your right.. And you know what, maybe I will. I has been considered! For other reasons too of course! :L But what a bonus!

If you do decide to move here and Im hoping you will. I would love to meet you sometime. :)

I'll remember that, and thanks very much, that's an offer that I could never refuse! And you know what, I'm glad that you were thinking along the same lines as me because meeting you would be great. :) Can't wait till I get to the US! ;)

Awe....we can have so much fun! Just keep in touch.! ;)

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id love 2 **** u :) and suck those sexy ****:)

I'm a white man and I think your very sexy.

Awe....thank you, sweetheart! :)

I remember when I was in the 5th grade,there was this full figured black female that was in my class and I had a crush on her,but I was too shy to talk to her.When I was in my mid 20's I joined the Ebony Ivory Society and met someone from Texas,which we got engaged a year later.Almost a year after that,she wrote me a Dear John letter and sent the ring back.Her mom detested interracial relationships..During that time I had my own interracial correspondence club called INTERRACIAL LIFESTYLE CONNECTION,which was a dating service for singles and a correspondence club for couples/families,biracial adults and single mothers raising biracial children.I had the club for over 10 years until the internet came along..Made a lot of friends and brought a few couples together..I believe I've always been attracted to black females ever since the 5th grade.I could say it's the texture of their hair or their skin or their shape,but it's more than that..I don't think there's one thing because for me,the black female possesses so many things that I find alluring,sexy,attractive,sensual and enticing that other races of women don't have..I'm a 52 year old white male and I'm very passionate about interracial relationships...

It is very nice to meet someone who has this kind of additude/personality. I wished more people were like you in this world. You really made a bunch of accomplishments it seems. Ive never heard of any of those groups, but I will be looking it up. Im highly interested considering I am in a interracial marriage &amp; have biracial children on the way. :)

INTERRACIAL LIFESTYLE CONNECTION was a group I came up with and I handled all of the replies.I gave all of my lists to this BF who had an interracial yahoo group in California...

Barbie you are beautiful. It is nice to hear that some black women are interested in white men. <br />
<br />
I am also from the group that has never experienced a black woman but have fantasized about it.

Thank you for the compliment. I hope that you get the chance to some day. If you ever venture back here to Helen...id love to be your first! ;)

I didn't catch that you were still there. That makes you a very special north Georgia peach. ;)

Black women are super sexy. I had a very terrific one in college! You have some great stories and please add me so I can see/read more!

As a white man married to a wonderful, beautiful black female, I often come across black females who wonder how my wife and I got together. I dated other black women and knew at age 22 that (some) black women really turned me on. <br />
<br />
I very often hear black females say that white men are just are not interested in them so they don't try and meet any. I hear the same from white men. I tell both white man and black females that not all are going to be interested, yet more are than you think. My advice to each is to be bold and brave and take the first step. If you don't try you will never know, if you do you may find the love of your life. <br />
You as part of a very small group of people, that being a black female married to a white male, what advice would you give to whites and blacks on how to break the ice and get a date with the other race. <br />
Your profile picture reminds me of my wife, very sexy.

Well to be honest; Im just openminded. Thats what helped me alot. Im also bold, so what you said is very true. All the advice I can give is just dont view someone as a "color" see them as a person in general and then you can truly find real love with whomever it may be.

i can say that my first Woman was a Woman of Color, and i can also say that i hope that the man in Your life knows how truly fortunate he is to have Your attention and affection.

Do you and your husband have an open marriage Blackbarbie?

Well, yes &amp; no. It depends on the person we meet actually. Why do you ask?

Just hoping. LOL

Oh I see... :)

I even know any black girls. Your stories are great.

I'm a white man and your age. The picture looks so good. I'd love to be in a relationship with a black woman.<br />
But even this is interesting I won't cancel my relationship to a white woman.

I understand. Im married to a white man anyways, so even if you were single...I couldnt be with you. I also perfer older men. Thanks for the compliments, though. (:

There is just something about a sexy black women. And from what I can tell from your profile photo you are indeed VERY sexy. Plus I'm a sucker for stockings and they look great on you :)

Awe...thank you, darling. :)

I'm a confident attractive 18 year old white male, I have a good personality and try to make conversations very entertaining, especially when talking to normally boring people. I have a nice body, and plan to become a personal trainer within the next few years but ... unfortunately, I haven't had the pleasure of actually dating a black woman yet, let alone one as attractive as yourself. I know I'm still young, but at the High school I went to it seemed every black girl would be either single, or with a black man. It made me think that black girls were just generally not interested in white guys, and that's the way it was. There was a single black girl that was very interested in me I could tell, but I saw her more as a friend and that's where I kept it. but after stumbling across this page and reading some of these stories, I know that's not true :) Thanks for sharing your opinion! It made my night just that much better; it sounds like your very happy with your husband and I hope things go well between you too, your daughter as well!

I am extremely happy with him! Thank you! I wish you luck in finding that perfect black woman for you! :)

I am German and Italian and grew up in a predominantly "white" neighborhood. I have not really been attacted to white women. I could not even tell you why. However, I have always been highly attracted to black women. So growing up, I made my decision to date the women I found most appealing. It was very difficult to date interracially--not because of what people would say but because there were so few black women willing to give it a try. Times have changed, as well as my location, and interracial relationships over the years have been amazing! I feel so special, privileged and loved to be with the beautiful black woman I am with now! Men who feel like I do really appreciate women like you!! Add me as a friend if you'd like to share stories some time.

That is wonderful! Im glad things are working out for you. :)

Mixed race children are so beautiful. It seems their features are so much softer and their skin so much more glowing than straight white or black. I guess by now the little one is here? If so congrats!<br />
<br />
Why do you think you see more black men/white women couples than white men/black women?

Because it seems that black men are more open to these kinds of relationships. Its taking the black women a little longer.

Us white men love you too!! Can you add me so I can see more?

Oh absolutely! :)

Thanks. You are a beautiful women.

Thank you, sweetheart! :)

I love Black Women because am WHITE....<br />
Like to make love online with a black woman ( which I never did )<br />

I have never been with a black woman, I guess I was a little intimidated. I have met several that we flirted with each other but it never led anywhere and now I'm married for 22 yrs and faithful so I guess I never will, as long as she'll keep me, I'll never know what I missed but you are a beautiful woman.

Thats such a shame....it really is. :(

omg you look so hot never been with a black woman but have often wanted too.Have always wanted to know if they like to have their ***** licked would love too try sometime.

Oh of course we like to be ate.

id love for you to give me a shot barbie. i just know ull love my ****

Im sure I would. :)

I'm a half white half mexican man and although I've only had two girlfriends, they have both been black. I really love ebony skin and seeing you was like WOW! :) <br />
You're absolutely gorgeous BlackBarbie :) I would really like us to get to know more about each other. I treat my girls very nicely. Chivalry is not dead, but I can still take charge of things haha. ;)

Wow! Its always good to hear men say they love ebony queens. Id love to chat more with you. Inbox me, baby! :)

Haha glad you enjoyed it. Men who don't are seriously missing out. :)
And I inboxed ya. Hit me back ;D

Yes, they are missing out. Sad, but true. :(

I think we are all entitled to our foibles and why not say. However, why would you want to go on a date to satisfy someone's curiosity? I've always hated that sometimes white guys want to get with me so that they can 'try' a black girl, because I know there is more to me than the colour of my lovely skin. However, however, however, that is me and I love that you are honest about who you are. Blessings.

I prefer black women because most white women don't know what to do. You obviously know how to turn a guy on just by looking at your profile. Thank you for sharing Barbie.

Thank you very much for reading and sharing your comment. Im glad that you perfer black women. Thats super hot!

Your picture is hot and you sound like you would be awsome to be with. Your husband is a lucky man to have such a girl like you. I was with a black woman once, and she left me begging for more. Let me know if you would like to hear about it, oh and would really like to see more of your pictures.

Email me...and tell me all about this black chick you had. :)

You are a lady that is not affraid of expressing her thoughts and desires, thank you sweetie ;-)

NO....thank you for reading. :)

i have dated black girls before and i loved it,i must say that yu are very stunning beutiful,my email add is yahoo,carlrockaway

Thank you darling. :)

your husband is very luck and a wonderful Army man ba<x>sed on your desc<x>ription, and Late Congratulations on your pregnancy, i have no doubt that you'll be a wonderful mother. and that's another reason why i love black girls over white girls. because they care more.

Awe....thank you, honey! Your very sweet! Kisses* :)

@Dulcette- Im glad to see someone shares the same interest as me! :) @MrBrownstone- Really? Well, inbox me.....we will talk about it. :)

I would be interested in dating you.Would be my first black woman I dated.

I'm the same way. I love dating white men. They do tend to treat their women with more respect and being open minded brings a sense of adventure to the relationship. I'm not sure when this attraction first started because i've been boycrazy since as early as middle school. Lol.

To be honest,I have never been with a black woman.

Oh really? Have you ever been interested though?

i have been with only 2 in my whole life ,the frist one when i was young she was hot . but that second omg she liked to blew me awayyy

Well, thats wonderful to know, sweetheart! Im glad you got the chance to experience it. :)

@Teadybear777- Thank you so much! Your very nice. :)