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I'm A White Man Who Loves Black Women

I'm really glad there is an active group for Black women who like White guys. The group for White guys who like Black women only has maybe four stories and about thirty members.

I like Black women. I find the dark hair and chocolate colored skin absolutely beautiful, and most of the Black women I've met are so much more confident than the White women I know. Almost every White woman I know is male dependent. She needs her man to do this, that, and the other thing. African American women are much more independent. They are more than capable of going and getting things done themselves without complaining, and don't need their boyfriend or husband to be right there all the time.

Beautiful, confident, and independent. What more could a man want in a woman?
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I'm a mixed white and Hispanic guy in his 20's and I have to say that I'm most attracted to ebony/black women more than any other ethnicity, I have no idea when I started to notice them in public more, but when I did I was like "wow", in many ways I find them more attractive than other women. But, then I was never one to be shy about dating outside my ethnicity anyway.

I honestly love white men and I don't know what attracts me but I love them. I'm very confident but I'm terrified to approach a white man.

I am a black woman, and it is good to hear positive comments about us!

I think black women are sexier than white women. I would love to find a black woman to love.

You are spot on correct about white women being dependant upon a man. I love black women because of their sexy dark skin and their personalities shout confidence and to me, nothing is more sexy than confidence

That's beautiful! I'm a black woman currently dating a white man. He's amazing. I wasn't looking for a man outside of my race or to even be in a relationship at all. It happened naturally. I think one common misconception may be that African American women aren't interested in Caucasian men. That's simply not true. Some hinderances may just be stereotypes, lack of communication in showing clear interest or just fear. Interracial relationships are beautiful :)

The value of black women is lost on or taken for granted by many types of men. So thank you for your kind words. Although your comments are positive creepydude, they are a true becuase a lot of negative things that happen in the lives of black woman where self reliance is our only course in life. Do not mistake the fact that we also want to be pampered and supported by the man in our life. In fact we may need it more because of the fact that we carry so many others on our metaphorical backs and so often don't get the reassurance that other types of women enjoy.

I always thought I was the only white guy in America who loves Black women. I know a few black women that are absolutely gorgeous and I have interest in her. We do flirt but not sure if that's because we're friends or we're friends and she wouldn't mind possibly taking it a step further. I may just have to find out. Personally, I'd like to see more white guys with black women. There are hot women in all races. Love knows no color.

Thanks, CreepyDude. As an African-American woman, I found your post very uplifting.

I agree with thatonecreepydude that black women are very attractive and I find them to be the most beautiful women.

As a woman in the military I've met all types of people but I love it most when I've met a white guy and dated. I was always complimented that my looks were exotic as all black women are! We do tend to be strong and independent, sometimes because we had to be and there's nothing wrong with that. I'm a recently divorced single mother of two boys and happily independent and self sufficient. No alimony, child support nothing. I do have joint custody that we share but I'm proud that I can do it all. And yes the ex hub is white.<br />
<br />
Thank you so much for sharing. It's great to hear other reason why white men appreciate and love black women!!! Now where are all the single, sane white men in N. California!? LOL

Awww, thank you. Who knew that being a gal with her head on straight, anti drama, a good job, that cooks and cleans and maintains herself could have such a hard time finding someone. But it my being selective and searching for a man based on my preference makes me picky, oh well. I really wish there were better sites or more sites that catered to WM4BW :)

i just like white boys hair......alot it's so soft and i can run my fingers through it

I am a beautiful light skinned black female that is often thought to be hispanic, All races of men<br />
flirt with me, I like good looking, well built, well paid, God fearing men,, color does not matter to me<br />
treatment does. It's nice to be appreciated as a good person, with personality, and not thought of as<br />
a color, so thanks for the nice comment on your awakening!

I am a good woman. No kids, never been married, white men flirt all the time, but they do not approach me. They compliment me, but still, nothing. I have been in Oklahoma for 5 years on March 7....I love my white, Native and Latino men....I am here! We can have so much together...white women are going to black men...but a white man and a black woman, we are both bringing something to the table! it is a true match made in heaven!

You really nailed it on the head Creepy dude...and you said it wonderfully... more white guys need to know this !!

Yes, we are the strongest people on the planet!

finally a white male who understands and respects us! thats great!