I Want To Suck A White ****

I've sucked many black ***** of different shapes and sizes but i wanna taste the *** of a white man
blackberrypie blackberrypie
22-25, F
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Their all the same girl . . . diet has the biggest impact on the actual taste. But have fun sucking different color ***** ;)

I'm sure you'll never be short of willing participants. Even with that pic all blurred you look super attractive.

Sister u and Rihanna are the reason why ppl think black girls are fast and wild.

I want you to suck and lick on my banana, then ram it into your tight black ******. I wanna fill and cover your juicy chocolate lips with my banana cream

i might taste good to you but i bet you taste better to me i never had a black woman would like to try just once

OK here I am...

Count me in . I strive to satisfy my new ladies who are learning! So where you located?


Where are you living? I would love to help as well.

i would love to help, i love black women, let me know if i can :)

I am a white male and would love to *** over u hun

I'm a black female in the Atlanta area. I have also thought about that & letting him give me a facial. I work around a lot of business types. I am 38D & slim & get hit on often by clients. It's more of a thought than anything. But who knows?

HI how's u u sound sexy and hot

I've got a nice hot **** for you babe, add me if you want to see my naughty pics ;)

answer your post lady add me

At least you are honest and not afraid to speak your mind. I love sexy girls like you xx

I'm ready for you.

i wanna do i nice black hot chick like u

I see that it's been almost 2years since you wrote that. Have you had this experience yet?

I have a big white ****. you can suck it with me. yes, I can suck my own **** and we can have a lot a fun with that trick

you can taste mine anytime!

Well, if your in Texas or heading this way, I am ready and waiting. Eager for you to ger your first taste of white ***!


I'd love to help you out with that!


I would love to taste you.lol

I have had plenty of both and love either one the same.

Let me ask, is there any black ladies in Texas that I could help fullfil a dream or fantasy of the white man's ****? I would love to **** any black lady that was close to my area, could meet for some fun and frolic.


Here, it would be a pleasure to share my white **** with you my dear.


I would love to have a young friend like you!!!

I'm a white man who is married to a Gorgeous Ebony Lady. (She likes only white...has never date nor is attracted to black men.) We make love everyday...she is an incredible lover and loves to suck my ****!!! I especially love watching my **** go in n out of her super wet black *****!!!

I would be very happy to let you suck mine as much and as often as you want.

I would love to suck you.

It would be a pleasure to have you suck me. I'll have to warn you, I am an older man if that puts you off. I'd like to return the favor and taste you as well. What part of the country do you live in?

Is there a differance? In tast or something?

you would be most welcome to

I got one for you sweetness . I've always wanted to **** a black women!!!

Whit guys are smaller.

Honey once you suck a white **** you will love it. I dont like uncut men regardless of what nationality. Its seems so unclean to me. But honey, I love sucking white *****. Once I got my first one I loved it.

where do i sign up for this ?

iam sure you wont be waiting long

and id love to taste a black woman

I really want to have a black woman. I hope one day it will come true!

I have always wanted a Black Lady one that is into white guys

*** and get it

What a great wish....:) come and get it!

i got white wock wantning 2<br />
shoot a load in your mouth

I would love feeling your mouth on my ****, me watching as you suck me off until I explode in your mouth.<br />
I would return the favour of course!

I have had a few black lady's suck me off and have enjoyed it a great deal. Couldn't tell you that a white or black woman suck **** better. Both are real nice to receive.

How would you like a white c-ock and a white pu-ssy at the same time?

I'm not gay

You don't have to be gay to like both...have you ever tried pu-ssy?

I would love to let you suck my **** baby, I would also put countless hours making you climax. When can we get together.

I think your lips would look sexy wraped around my white ****

Me too

I'm here to help whenever you're ready!

Mine is available!