I'm A Black Plus Sized Woman Who Is Attracted To White Men.

Ok so yes I am a large woman. Now that I've gotten that outta the way let me share my search. I am attracted to Caucasian men. There have been one or two times I met a white man who were into" plus sized women but it was in a sleezy kinda way. What I want is a real relationship built on something besides being into "fat chicks or black girls". Why is it so hard too find?
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All of us create our own resistance to what we want. Sometimes that resistance can come in strange ways. Bad experiences can mar our outlook, which in turn can mar our future experiences, if we continue to focus too long upon the bad experiences.

Please don't be so harsh on white men who are into black women, after all, you like white men, right? By releasing the judgment, I'm willing to bet that you will no longer attract the wrong kind of white man into your life, and the kind that you do want, will become more readily available, almost as if by magic.

sorry youre having trouble. if i wasnt taken by a lovely bbw, and i was in your area i would love to get to know you. keep on looking though. i know there are good men out there who will treat you right.

Girl thats why I love black men hahaha Im a white girl :) I know were a complete opposite but honey alot of men are just jerks they dont know how to treat a lady they dont know how to respect her either. Their loss not yours honey. You will find that special man out there for you and he'll love you for you not because of the beautiful person you are on the outside but because of the beautiful person you are on the inside. He'll love you for all reasons. Keep praying and keep trying cuz hes out there baby :)