I Want To Work Abroad

I left my job to come study my water engineering here in cape town, I love what I do. The only problem is that after I complete my degree, I don't know what to do with what I'm currently gaining knowledge in. I would really love to work overseas, canada, UK, USA, australia or London. I really don't know which avenues to start looking into taking this next bold step and leaving my family behind to start a "new" life. I just don't want to grow old regretting that I didn't even try doing what I want and that is to move from south africa for a while. What would you do? Any help I would appreciate..with regards to -where to go from here?
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you're educated, young, and have nothing but your feras holding you back.<br />
leave the insecurity by the side of the road. you've got more guts than you are giving yourself credit for.<br />
Good Luck and may the Good Lord be with you,

if you want to experience another country you definitely should! if you are thinking about it this deeply, its something you should give a try otherwise you may end up regretting not taking the chance. do some research on the different areas you are thinking of and try to take a trip out to get a feel for it if possible. even if you move overseas and it doesnt really work out you can always try someplace different, or even head back home. at least you would know for sure and never have to really wonder about it.<br />
<br />
if i knew how to help in regards to specific careers in the US i would. just let me know if there are any questions that i can answer for you.