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There is nothing more sensual than the contrast of blk on white skin together..... Just my thoughts.
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I might be unusual, however my entire working life, predominately in sales as an account manager, has been involved in meeting & and dealing with people of all nationalities . I only ever notice people for how they communicate, their personality, and how they think. I was taught at a young age , to respect others, and treat people in a way you like being treated yourself. I meet new people every day, and I do notice how they present, well dressed or not, then for me its all about their personality .

Agree that the contrast is a powerful stimulant. But I think that there is more to it than just the skin color. There is something else involved, something energy related that I cannot put my finger on. As the last poster mentioned, it is probably something we create in our minds!

I love big black women, love to get to know you.

I find the contrast of leather on skin erotic....

Lol, we all have our fetish...... Enjoy your weekend. Ladyis1.

have to leave the lights on........*grins*

I agree 200 % !!!

: ) tks....

So very true...

Tks. : )

With all due respect, no, thank you!!

i completely agree, and im glad that others feel the same.

Tks Lover..... : )

See, Great Minds do think a like.... Ladyis1

I agree with you 110 % !!!! sexy sexy sexy !!

Yes, yes and yes.. : )