I Love White Meat

I have dated both black and white men and for a long time I actually thought I was equally attracted to both but recently I only date white men why??? In my view they are great in bed okay it's my own personal experience and no one alses but I also love the colour contrast and I guess because I now associate white **** with a direct pleasure line to my ***** I can't not seem to get enough of it...I also have a weakness for blond, blue eyed guys..so sexy
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That's cool

i feel the say way the thought of a chocolate,readbone,or lite skined woman layn naked next to mine makes my pulse speed up

I've always been hugely attracted to black women.The sex is great,love the color contrast.

Must say I love the contrast as well.Find women of color more attractive.

I have a black female acquaintance who dates white guys. She tells me she's gets off on the different skin tones, seeing the veins through their skin, especially their **** when erect and loves the view of a white guys pelvis when she's on her knees.

Don't think for a second that white men (including me)don't adore a black woman...I am very attracted to women of color and also love the contrast...Wish I could find my black lady...

"...white guy with a 9 inch ****, any good 2u..."

Great story.

I speak only for myself. However, I enjoy pleasing the whole body. And the most exciting thing is watching the woman *** a few times during forplay and maybe again during the aferplay.

Do you think maybe that black men think all they have to do is live up to the reputation, whereas white guys think they have to work at it all the harder to beat the black man's rep?

Maybe never thought about it that way certainly that was the case with one black guy I slept with and I did try to tell him he needed to do more but I was never direct and he simply did not listen thought he knew it all. I even told him women fake it and he said no one ever faked it with even though I faked it with him every time and even did so that evening he looked smug then little did he know silly man...but I don't think that is the case for all black men it would be a bit of unfair statement but it's def true in my experiences that white men are better in bed more knowledgable of the female body like they took the time to listen and learn

If that is hard work, where do sign???

That's a great point. I think that for some white guys who are confident, passionate, especially if they happen to be well endowed, your viewpoint gives them fuel to take it over the edge with a black woman.

Sounds kind of over the top lude but I understand opposites attract. Hope you find that someone who enjoys you as much as you enjoy them and make a long lasting marriage out of it.

Mmmm and I love busty ebony women. :)

That describes me!!

Mmm telle more, as I lick my lips :)

i love love love whitemen

I just love the title of your story, LOL!

Im happy to hear that you find somuch pleasure with being with a white guy... we feel the same with a black women !!

Thanks it's good to be with a guy who appreciates you as much as you appreciate and enjoy them

you hit it right on the head girl...its not about skin color, its about respect !!..and good sex..lol