360 Degree Turn And Feeling So Free...!

When I stumbled on to this site over a year ago...I never suspected I would have a chance to express my love for white men romantically. You see...I was suppose to be a product of the civil rights movement and the "blackness mentality". Well, I guess I missed a few classes or sessions because my adoration and admiration for white men grew so strong regardless. I loved Elvis and Carey Grant and many others, but did not let anyone know I really wanted to kiss and love a white man of my own. So that desire became a dream that was buried and locked in the archives of my secret room. I would explain it away to myself as just being influenced by a society that did not portray enough positive images of black males on T.V. Oh, and yes bought into the strong black woman image of staying in the black community and just fighting for the causes. I had a very loving father and many black males in my life that were and are very loving to me. So this is not a bash the black male post. Its more about me finding myself and being free to love and live as I want.
I first posted that I was married to a black man but loved white men. Now over a year later, I am separated from my husband and will be divorced next year. I think we are both happier, well I know I am. I am not currently dating a white man or anyone at all. But I have been on a couple of dates in the last 6 months (with white guys). I know I will still look for character, style and all the other qualities I desire first. This is a transition for me and I'm taking my time and enjoying the ride. I have a deep desire to love a white man and I will not explain it away for nothing. Some call it "jungle fever" some call it "sick self hatred", I call it my life and my damn business!
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That's right sweetie it's your life your choice your business only God can judge us & no one can stop u or change what you like or want only you can do that yourself & I truly hope you find that special one you are in search of best wishes good luck & happy holidays God bless

Kudo's to you for doing your own thing, and doing what YOU want! I know this post isn't about racism but, one by one, people like you are changing the world.......in a good way! :)

one of the saddest stories I ever heard

interested in anr/abf?

It's good to hear you are getting a divorce since you weren't happy in your marriage. And yes, there are white men out in the real world that want to only be with a black woman. Good luck in finding your white guy.

Well, I am a white man and I want to meet a black woman. I am a very fair skinned one at that, so pale that I sometimes blind the pretty girls at the pool or by the ocean at the beach. I would love to hear from you.

Where do you live? I mean...what part of the country?

Well, Lya, I am in Southern California outside of Los Angeles. I am itching to meet a black woman and show her my untanned white body!!!


Once again this is society using their stereotypical b.s. on the rest of the world. Why should it matter to anyone else, other than yourself, who you want to go out with. This has been going on for thousands of years, and sadly, it's not going to stop. I say you keep loving your black males friends and ask them to respect your ideologies of loving the white guys. I can tell that you seem to be an honest and true person, and others should let you live your live, the way you see fit. Hope this made some kind of sense?

It made much sense, thanks for the wisdom and the time you took to share your comment. Peace

listen to ec4life. much wisdom in the opinion that was lent to you.

I appreciate every bit of it! Thank you, also!

Yes it is! Thanks ec4life.