50 Shades Of Pink

Yes! The fair skinned white male has an advantage, he cannot HIDE his excitement! His face turns red, his neck flushes, his stomach mottles. And the penis stands erect, saluting like a red pole! My ex had such a pole-he looked both sheepish and strangely proud. Talk about 50 shades of pink! Dark reddish-purple at the head (my favorite part) and mottled pink towards the middle mid-shaft...what shall we do about this, insert it in the front or back? Shall I sit on top and feel slap, slap of your balls against my butt? "I shall sit astride your knees and nibble your knees, while watching your engorged testicles slap against my anus." 50 shades of pink, I say!    
lgilkey06 lgilkey06
51-55, F
1 Response Jan 12, 2013

Mmmm..... Sounds positively Purrrfect. :)