My White Boyfriend Is Not What I Thought He Would Be :/

Okay I've been dating my boyfriend for nearly three years ,and i just realize how boring our sex life is , I mean don't get it twisted I'm a freak and I love to try new things ,but with him it's blahhh. What's keeping me with him is love ,and I know he means well. I mean the industry I work in its hard to find that . We meet on a dating site lol I was actually looking for a older white man because that's what I'm attracted too ,I'm very good looking girl slim lil over average height nice assets , a lot people when you see us they say to him how did get her! But still even with him knowing that ,it's not even the looks I cater to my men ,but all he cares about is everything that's not me videos games to fishing , sometimes I even think maybe he is gay or I'm not his type even though he compliments me once every blue moon , I tired to talk to him about it many times and buy stuff to make him like me more ,but it's not working it only last for so long . I know he loves ,but I don't know if he is in love with me . It makes me sad because yes everyone thinks where a good couple blah blah my parents are happy ,and I was happy, first long term relationship also I'm his first black girlfriend , but no it's not sex is okay it's not passionate enough for me when I make out its like I'm kissing a wall yes I've started stepping out not having sex ,but making out just great foreplay pushing up against the wall kind of thing and I tell him, and he thinks I'm joking i don't what to do or say ,and he wants to get married ,and have kids ,and so do I but its gonna be worst i just know it . Well if I do step out ,and have intercourse and get pregnant he will never know cuz I only mess with white men unless he's a ginger ...just kidding
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Emotional blocks can get in the way of good sex. Take a look at any communication issues that you may have between you. Sharing feelings is critical to a smooth flowing relationship.

Maybe after three years he no longer feels like he has to try. Maybe he is to comfortable in the relationship. There might be a few things on you're own part as well. Lots of maybes.

Have you told him that you're not happy with this relationship and that there is a serious problem that you both need to deal with?

go get a black men he can beat on you and cheat on you to me you seem un greetful he must likely a great guy that you will end up hurting... just because you like white men and you love him he will find out if the babe maybe isnt his because we white men are smarter then black men....

You certainly aren't talking like a man who is smarter than anyone. Even if I ignore your deplorable grammar and punctuation, making unfounded generalizations based solely on a man's ethnicity is the mark of ignorance, Whether you are white or black. Not all white men are the same, and not all black men are the same. There is a little message at the bottom of the field for responders to type their responses, it reads "please respond with authenticity, support, and respect." , you failed to do this on all counts.

My advice is to let him know you want to swing. In fact, make him a cuck. Yes, tell him you have a fantasy of making him watch while you get nailed by a bigger larger male. See what he says . You've heard no before.....

This problem has nothing to do with his ethnicity, He just sounds like he isn't your type of guy. Have you tried talking to him about the things you mention here? Have you had a heart to heart talk with him? Examine your own feelings and make sure you are interested in him, and that you want to make it work. If not, then you need to let him go, but don't step out on him. I don't care if you are just engaged in "heavy petting" or making out, making out leads to sex, and even if it never does, its wrong to go behind his back. Either move on, or invest the energy you use to make out with other guys into your relationship with him.