What I Imagine When I Think Of A Black Woman.

First of all, I really like to group's picture.

The contrast between white and black,
how they are staring into each other's eyes.

It's exciting for me.

But when I think of a black woman
I think of her "black" soul.

I don't mean it is a evil soul, but it is a black one belonging to a black woman.

When I think of it, I think of Voodoo, I think of african jungle
and of nature.

I think this magical attitude came from africa also to europe,
in the shape of fays.

The spirit-women who act
but stay in the background.

Well it is something magical, something african, africa as origin of mankind.

Maybe a black woman represents this form of chaos
where everything comes from.

Well I hope Africa's women will once be free and liberate
as Europe's women or America's women are.

Well it's the magic of mother nature I guess,
which I abstract to a black woman.
Iamwithu Iamwithu
22-25, M
Jan 20, 2013