I Never Taught The Attraction Would Have Grown So Strong

I am a young carmel women who have always been vocal about getting with a white male with my family and friends, they know i am very free sprited so i dont think they think am joking.Most of my life i have dated black men which i am very much attracted to, but i just cant help that i would love to date a white male& is very much attracted to them.for the record i have never dated one, but being in this county has made my attraction to them even more crazy,(fyi i'm from the caribbean) i often time find my self on the train staring and wonderIng if a handsome white hunk would approch me,i even think about me being intimate with one.and trust me i do have a vivid imagination lol.I do feel its possible that i will date or even be with one, its just that i feel like white male or more attracted to darker skin females well that just base on my observation, and i know white male find it hard to approch us black woman i think they just need to cause some of us are really into u guys.i hope ill meet and hopefully have a good relationship with a gorgeous white male. REEFA:)
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I am white and Just speaking from experience quite a few of my friends are attracted to black girls, I didn't know untill I started dating black girls and they were like how did you pull a black girl lol but for me it was easy cause I am very comfortable talking to black girls even over white girls and I am 6' 3" so black girls have always been attracted to me, my advice is to throw a smile and maybe lick your tongue a little so he knows you like him and then just be yourself, I have had some amazing relationships with black girls and I will never go back, I hope you find what you are looking for and good luck

Don't you mean 'thought' instead of 'taught'? Otherwise it doesn't make sense.

well that good to know i wouldnt think u are racist either to eaches own if thats what your attracted to thats what your attracted to, well am glad at least you did have a good experience, i know both race have difficulty sometimes when it comes to the family but for me my heart and my happiness mean far more than what people/family may feel , i hope u'll find someone to love again,and i cant wait to share my first experince dating a white male.pray its soon

<p>well @needsmilk have u ever had the chance to approch any dark skin female that your attracted to if so how was it and if not y?</p>