White Guys

I love all races! Ive dated men of many different races but I especially like white men. They have mad sex appeal! The white men that have been in my life I admired them most because of the way they always treated me. They were always true gentlemen in good times and bad. I was engaged to a white man who was the love of my life and treated me as if I was his princess at all times. In the end though what a person has on the inside is what really matters. Love is blind.

iidalis iidalis
6 Responses Jul 10, 2009

Agreed, in part.<br />
But this isn't the America of 1963, where a black man living with a white wife was in peril of his life, and she in peril of rape, at all times, in many parts of the nation.

The color line is still with us albeit with out the force of law, it is still with us nonetheless. We are One Human Family and soon enough we shall all see.

My elder sister married a black man in the early 60's, when this was NOT cool.<br />
After a couple of nasty run-ins with the redneck brigade, they moved to San Francisco, reared 4 great kids, and just this weekend I spent some hours getting to know my grandneice.<br />
I wonder if she knows just how special her Grandmother is, what she gave up (family, friends, job) for her one true, black love?<br />
I tried to tell her, but she has no grasp of 1963 and the color line.

I am a white guy but I like black women, hi! ;p

You are an angel, iidalis. Such a lovely name and such a wonderful message. No doubt, you will be richly rewarded. Who will open up the gates of love? We will. As Garth Brooks sang so eloquently, "We shall be free when we free to love anyone we choose."

I am a white man and I think its great when people can look past their race and find the beauty in others. I think all women, regardless of race, are beautiful. I never dated a black woman only because the opportunity never presented itself to me. I am married to a Hispanic woman now. But the real beauty of person is in their heart. This was a very nice story to read.