So I've Only Ever Dated White Or Latino Men

...and I'm starting to feel bad about it. I'm about to be 23 and I've never even kissed a black guy. I never thought about it and figured I was just that open minded person who didn't care about race when it came to relationships. Oh and i'm not knocking anyone who does factor race into their decision making when it comes to  dating, because I do that with other values that are important to me. Like religion or hopefully the other person's lack thereof.  But within the last year or so I've been trying to consider whether I just haven't met a black man that I find attractive yet or if I'm subconsciously excluding them for some reason I have yet to understand. It probably doesn't matter all that much though.

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3 Responses Feb 9, 2010

Girl dont feel bad about anything. You're like me, you like what you like!

Our society has become anything but race blind. Much to my mother's dismay, I prefer ladies of a different race than I. But, I'm not black so it was never a race issue. Just my personal preference.<br />
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You feel what you feel, and there is nothing wrong with what you are feeling.

you know ,you cant help but like who you like .. regardless of race etc. If no black man is attractive in your eyes, dont worry about it too much let it be.