White Guys...

I've dated only one black guy. It didn't go very well. Now don't think because it didn't go well that was the cause of why I date more of them. I've dated other guys too asian, hispanic/latin it's just i find white guys just to be more physically appealing. I can't help it. They are yummy eye candy. The only downside to liking white men is that not that many actually date black women. :(

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You may just be in the wrong area, the few black girls that I know, they always had a line of white guys lines up for the chance to date her! Maybe consider Iowa as a place to move, basically all white/mexican population with a few areas that have black people living there. which really sucks for me due to the fact that I really love black women!

I am a white male, I am married to a white women. I dated a beautiful black girl in high school when I was oversea's 30 years ago, I was really head or heals for her, we transfered to anotehr country , and lost contact with her , always thought of her over the years , wondering about her. I recently went to a class reunion, and she was there. still as beautiful as ever, the sparks were still there between us , but as my wife was there, nothing could happen., but afterwards we have chatted on he phone and email, the feelign are there , stronger then ever.. she'd in another state, but we're making plans to get together. I may have a desision to make

I love black women and would love to meet and date them. But as you said its hard to find white men who date black women I think it's is equally hard to find black women that date white men.

i want to really date black women I am married but adore black women want tomeet them in nyc, andy black women interested write me bacd we'll chat then meet.

I know what you mean about a lot of them not actually liking/dating black women. My sis' husband is white, but he never considered dating a black woman before her and even when he met her (he didn't have a high opinion of black people based on TV and one side of his family). Unfortunately, a lot of it is just perception.<br />
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But, it's interesting when you meet the guys who do date black women, they just seem to appreciate black women. My sister's husband is so devoted to her, I don't think I've ever seen anything like it. He (now, they) live in a part of PA that's pretty much all white and he makes sure that no one disrespects her. It's really sweet... <br />
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As the 2 posters wrote, love is color-blind and it's true in their case.

We cannot help who we are attracted to. I am a white woman attracted to black guys!I was with a guy from Ghana for 8 years-he was the love of my life I miss him every day (he died) Love is colour blind