A Cat Got Shot And Beat And No One Is Doing Anything I Need Help

A few days ago a neighbor shot one of the stray cats that I was feeding. After being shot the guy came over to her and started kicking the crap out of her trying to kill her. My father went outside because the neighbor was in our front yard. My father saw that the cat was shot and that this guy was kicking her. We asked the guy to leave many times and he kept saying no so we called the police. When the officer showed up he talked to my father and the neighbor. It was clear that the officer did not want to be there for this cat. I live in Arizona and az law 13=2930 is a law against animal harm so this guy should have gotten a fine or been arrested and nothing happened. While my father was talking to the police officer I rushed the cat to the vet. She was in shock when I got there and was bleeding into her lung. Its been a few days and she is home with us and I am taking care of her. The bleeding in her lung has stopped but she can not use her hind legs due to the guy kicking her. The doctor says that it is possible she will be able to use her hind legs again but she just needs some time to heal. The vet bill is really high and I am trying to set up a place for donations because I saved this cats life but I dont have enough money to pay the vet bill and I didnt want this cat to died because of some punk that thinks its cool to hurt animals this way. I also need some help to bring this cat justice because this guy broke a law and nothing is happening to him it is just not fair.
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3 Responses Jan 5, 2011

what about the humane society? or animal cops in your area? if there is animal cops in your area they would write a cruelty ticket for sure and maybe even press charges.

The thing is the cops are not doing anything about it they said there is nothing they can do which is weird because the guy broke a state law so something should of happened

That's so terrible! I really feel for you and I know how you feel because a lot of my granny's cats are sick and they have worse diseases and they are homeless and so my granny feeds them and she takes care of any strays that come up to her house. I have seen stuff on tv about bad things happening to cats and there was a poor kitty impaled on a fence and he or she died. I hope that you will have good luck in getting this kitty well and you should keep her as a pet for as long as possible and take good care of her and then get some rights for her. I am glad you got the police involved because that is so the right thing to do and the cat would have died without your help.