Feral Chickens In The City

I live in the city on a block of row houses.  There are about 6 or 8 chickens that live in the grassy lot across from me. Although the neighbors feed them and so do I sometimes.. I don't think they have adequate shelter. The aspca tried to catch them but couldn't or didn't try very hard.. And if they wold kill them I wouldn't want them to be caught.. I wish I could build them something but I can't and would not be able to put it on my property or others.. Any suggestions? I'm glad to see they are surviving the winter but I feel so bad for them in the snow and rain hiding under chairs.
Zombina Zombina
26-30, F
1 Response Feb 26, 2011

I had no idea there was such things as feral chickens. Well, that's I get for living in Vegas. Good story.