PLEASE Spay Or Neuter Your Pets

I must say that I posted this on a comment to a previous story.  However, I thought it might need to be posted as a story. 

I live in Tulsa, Oklahoma and the animal shelter (the POUND) puts over 13,000 dogs and cats down every year.  I'm a fanatic about neutering and spaying.  I use to think it was awful, especially for male dogs.  Don't ask me why, I have no reason why I felt that way.  But learning that one statistic has made me become a "pusher."  A pusher who pushes spaying and neutering for our pets.  People just think puppies and kittens are the cutest things.  They get them from a backyard breeder, a pet store, their friend down the street, from reputable breeders and guess what happens?  Those adorable kittens and adorable puppies become CATS and DOGS!  They aren't cute any more.  And they either get relegated to the backyard or worse short-chained to a doghouse.  Or they may even go ahead and take them to the pound.  There are more unwanted animals than there are those of us who want them.

This is my sad story and what makes my heart bleed.


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I breed my dogs to guard my goats, chickens, horses, turkeys, sheep, and other farm animals, and neighbors cattle too (they dont believe there is a Cayote problem, and are more apt to blame me or my good neigbors dog before cayotes, but I do the best I can ya know?) not spaying/neutering anything, I also sell them to other livestock breeders. High dollar dogs, for real cheap, not making any money off of them really, but their fertility is a nececity in this community.<br />
do you know how many of my animals would needlessly die without them?<br />
<br />
BUT you will be happy to know, I just had a litter of kittens! and all but 2 cats are spayed and neutered! that cat of 3!<br />
the other four are kittenz!<br />
<br />
So basically, all pets dont need spayed neutered. Just the ones that dont need to get pregenant. Its like saying a man who plans to have kids needs to get his nuts chops too...instead of saying everyone needs to do it, just the ones who NEED to do it, need to do it ^_^

I live in a small town in texas and they have an overpopulation of cats and dogs. nobody even bothers to spay or neuter their pets so they end up with houses full of 500 dogs or more and that's not even counting the cats! the cats are everywhere, and they get run over by cars all the time and most cats I have seen are romping around in the dumpsters in the back of the grocery stores and they are tryingto find scraps of food they can eat so they won't starve. the poor cats have no homes and no shelter from the rain or the cold. I have seen a few lucky cats and dogs that do get adopted but most of the families are not so nice. Dogs have to eat whatever they can find and I really feel for them because they have no owners to take care of them.

I read somewhere that only 1 in 9 dogs gets a good home. That is a sad statistic. I'm sure for cats - it's worse but they seem more able to fend for themselves. All of my dogs are neutered and I have helped many people get vouchers and help to neuter their pets. We need more people who feel this way about pets having a good life.

its a made up statistic. While its true that less animals get to good homes than bad ones, then out of 9 peoples its logical to assume that there is at least one mistreated dog. Especially if you look at people from all walks of life.
I live in a place where dog abuse is REALLY high, bu its safe to say 1 in nine is a high fabrication.