It doesn't matter what kind of animal, my heart goes out to them all.
If I see a stray, I pick it up. There has been times, for some strange reason, they find me. The homeless critters know I will do no harm to them. Instant trust, I see it in their eyes.
My home will always be a refuge for any and all four-legged souls.
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7 Responses Jan 23, 2013

I could never be an ASPCA officer, I know that much. The first person I caught abusing an animal, I'd kill lol

Thank you for taking care of the animals.

all my pleasure to do so! my animals fill my life with love and alot of joy... oh can't forget.. they entertain me as well. ;)

we are of the same mind set then :)

yes, and the past two weeks... my homeless have vanished! it a trigger, life is sad these days.

you have a compassionate heart

Thank you! *smile*

put me right in that club of people who feel a much deeper attachment to animals than to humans.

ok. happy to have you in this loving club.

me too. I'm Catholic about third grade there's a ritual ,taking the holy sacrament confirmation , in which we choose a patron saint to ask help in delivering our prayers and watch over us and pray for us. I chose st. Francis of Assisi. patron saint of animals. if a squirrel surprises me runnin in front of me..... the whole car load dies. watching those abused animal commercials make me sick. starving kid commercials no prob.

yes i agree, no matter how it sounds. when i see those animal commercials on, i get up or change the channel... i get it! of course i am part of the group that loves animals more than people. sad but true!! Have a good day.

thanx, you too. thehungry kids and the fat gray haired guy promising some waif is really writing and sending their born everyday I guess. I turn over the animal one too.kind of rude catching people off guard with pictures of tortured animals.they can't defend themselves. the kids actually look clean except for a smudge here and there. my mother was forced to raise us in projects. never saw that guy there..he was living it up in Puerto Rico then too.

I just finished writing about stray dogs in the neighborhood. What happened to their homes? I appreciate knowing there is another kindred soul out there like you.

i have a zoo here, so many strays and i can NOT turn away so.. happy home full of critters. *smile* glad to read of others too that feel as i do!