The Sparrow

My husband walked in the door after getting Wendy's for dinner and announced:

"There is a small bird flapping around on the ground in the parking lot."

That's how it started. He had put the bird in the entrance way of the next building. It was in January and below zero. We knew this poor creature would still be in harm's way. I told him to put a blanket in our cat carrier,bring the bird in,and we'd contact the vet. He told me the bird was curled up sleeping when he walked in the door with the carrier. My husband got passed around to different places on the phone and ended up leaving a message for the closest wildlife hospital in the next state. They contacted me the next morning. It was arranged that my best friend and I would take the bird there tomorrow. I was given instructions on how to care for a bird...who by the way,LOVED mandarin oranges and boiled egg(the yolk made into a paste with milk). Me and my friend drove an hour and a half the next day. We were told the bird was a female house sparrow with head trauma. I suspect she flew into my apartment building's wall or window. I recently found out she is doing well,with another sparrow and is expected to be released into the wild in the spring.


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Mar 13, 2009