New Rescue

We saved a 3 year old Sheltie yesterday.  His name is Shadow.  He is the most beautiful dog...very sweet.  But he has been very mistreated.  He is scared to death of JD (all men) and is very timid even with me and my daughter.  I think he was hit with his food bowl!!...  He is very thin.  We  noticed if we or our hands were near his food bowl he cowered away.  Will eat only if no one is near his bowl.  Goodness could someone do that to such a sweet animal??!!
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4 Responses Oct 27, 2007

Doing better! Doesn't shake when we appraoch. Still shy...but doing much better

I agree....he was a "breeder" dog..kept in a small pen with grass taller than he was....broke my heart.

It is!! It just breaks my heart that i have to get down practically on my hands and knees to appraoch him.. <br />
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If anyone out there has any tips on creating security for him Id sure love to hear them.<br />
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We are doing the leash technique. We spent as much time as we can with him on a leash right with us. Talking sweetly to him...petting him. This we are told will help him learn to trust us and people in general.<br />
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Any other ideas?

To mistreat an animal is as bad as mistreating a child, they are defencless and depend on you for their needs... HORRIBLE...