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I have recently started wearing Chic jeans love how they look and the elastic waste means no belt. The best part is how they lift my rear. Have got two colors blue that I have worn out but still haven't found the nerve to wear the pink ones out of the house.
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I hate jeans. They're not sexy enough. The only pants, i would wear is the stretche pants. I love dresses/ skirts because the cool air on my private parts.
If i want to be a man, i would wear jeans. Its heels and dresses for

I too lost weight and wear often size 14 womens pants, and shorts in summer.

Good for you Josy and don't you love the fit and feel too! Of course I tuck and I love the look as they cup my smooth rounded crotch, showing it off.

I want some girl pants!! I have worked really hard losing weight, and toning my waist line, so I think I deserve some! I went from a 36 inch waist to a 32 inch loose!!

Congrats on your weight loss it takes a lot of self control

Thank you!!! Hey, if it's not to much trouble, what size would that be in women's? 32"x 34". I have jean shorts that are 14's.

For me it's always hard to tell it seems women's sizes seem to vary by the manufacturer. I usually try things on before buying them

Thank you so much for replying! I'm going with 14's but the length has to be long! Have a great day honey!

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