Gremlins! (still noht finished)

(This is mauh defining and  take on what a true "gremlin" is, we are noht talking about those stupid ******* one's you read about in a book, or looked up in a dictionary to get an idea on what they are..if you seen the movie you would understand those are the closest ones to what we are. imma talk about it my way, i made this up so of course, it should be up to me to define what we are... so with out any more further typing on **** noh one cares about, like it being my take on this on this particular topic... maybe other ones out there like this exists... if noht.. i win and i might have started something new, possibly a new trend or plague! ok, lemme stop foreal now and get to this damned typing part, sorry peeps...this is how us gremlins think and tend to be all around, this will be long but awesome, hopefully .. *takes shot and bong hit... clears throat*)

Definition and habits of the gremlin: A "gremlin" is a fun loving mischief maker and a master in the arts of being random and humorous in all of it's glorious, cunning and charming ways, they indeed hold that title well. Gremlins most of the time are usually all about making people laugh, smile and to leave other people to think to themselves "what the **** is him/her on?!" to a gremlin, it's all about having fun and laughing with others by accomplishing it with mostly harmless, mind blowing, funny bullshitting. With that typed, out they can easily be loved and hated by many. Usually gremlins are found by themselves doing what they do best, but sometimes they can be caught working in groups and interacting/cooperating with one another on everything they might be interested in, on rare occasions can be seen with trolls when the troll is noht being a hateful fuckhead of course, or even with the "norms" and other unknown creatures to get more "pure gold moments".

More known info on gremlins: They were thought to be extinct or only a fairytail until recently. They have become known to actually exist nowadays, and being a VERY RARE sight to the lucky few who will see one. gremlins are still shrouded in soo much mystery and usually work alone, because of thier rarity they sometimes only know maybe one other gremlin or don't even know others are around to play with..
gremlins will defend one another and certain people they enjoy that are being attacked or bothered by someone or something. Even if alone and they feel the need to, they will try and fight off numerous enemies blindly that they think are against them with noh care or concerns for themselves or others, all while leaving their own personal "territorial marks" so people will nevuh forget who they are, or want to cross that in particular gremlins line again..
Gremlins, can be moody and VERY random with whats said / typed out, and might come off as ******** or mistaken as a troll to the masses of people that do noht know or understand how gremlins work, thinking they are being attacked/harassed for what they say/ type out. that's noht the case at all for a gremlin. everything can be turned into a joke or a "playground" to a gremlin, and people shouldn't be offended or mind a gremlin if they feel offended by it, it's noht normally what gremlins are fueled to do unless pushed to that point by something, even then it shouldnt be taken personal unless they mean it.  A gremlin might seem small and outtuh place with their ways at first glance, but that's the way they like it, being all mysterious is part of their fun. They also take pride with what they say/ type and will always put their face or mark with it, on EP they will NEVER hide behind a throwaway profile or go anonymous with what they do. Gremlins, like their rival trolls, definitely will always aim to leave a huge impact with anyone, anything and in anyway or form they can, given what it may be the gremlin is aiming for on his/her daily.. everything!

A Gremlin and it's many moods:Though a gremlin might seem to only have a couple settings, that being random and crazy... and crazy and random. gremlins can be talked to like civil normal beings and can be respectful when wanting to or it's needed. At times gremlins may love attention and may want to be in the center of it, other times gremlins juss wanna be left the **** alone and noht be bothered by anyone or anything, we can be deep or shallow, we can funny, nice or mean, we can be happy or sad, we can be "insane" or "normal" we could be anyone, and some do noht even notice that they are one, we could be paranoid for noh reason and lash out at nothing and everything, while stealing your cake.. it all depends on the gremlin, their mood, thought process and what situations are going on at the time for it. You can say we are the true schizo's of the real world and/or internet world. you can say whatever you ******* want about us gremlins for we are noht affected by it.  

Trolls and Gremlins Relations: Gremlins most of the time cannot stand trolls at all, you can say we are the "anti-trolls". On rare occasions gremlins can get along trolls they may like'n understand, gremlins see them as something else that can be a way of bringing out more laughs and fun when they can. Gremlins can also despise a troll for their ways of wanting to attack people or making people feel less about themselves or attacking the wrong people, like friends of a gremlin or other gremlins,  it leads to turning on said troll or trolls and gremlins flipping all the jokes and their harsh natured material on the troll.. Gremlins also know most trolls cannot stand them, cause unlike most trolls, gremlins have noh known weak points and can easily tolerate anything a troll may say or type out to one or more gremlins. It's all a waste of time to a gremlin, gremlins will say if you ask one, "would much rather get back to entertaining or juss going about their own business, then wasting their precious time with a troll trying to "troll" a gremlin for whatevuh it may be for". Gremlins juss don't give a **** about anything negative, or hateful said/ typed out  to them, they love hate and eat it up when it's towards them, and will sometimes ignore instead of feeding a trolls needy ways.. juss so the troll or trolls feels inferior and noht worthy by the gremlins standards, by noht getting that much needed attention they crave from a gremlin or gremlins. Gremlins do know how all trolls work and will expose them and thier shady ways. To sum this part up, gremlins usually dislike trolls and thier ways of how they go about things and all thier can't be wrong, thinking they are better, smarter, and funnier in all their arrogant and hateful ways... it so happens gremlins can be juss as arrogant or worse even when feeling like it.. and that will normally lead to rivalry between them quickly, and fights can break out and go on for long periods of time.

A Gremlins "Playground":  Doesn't matter if there is one gremlin or many.. On EP or anywhere else on the interwebnets, it could be any story, blog, confession, facebook, tweets, etc.. that can be typed on... for a gremlin does noht discriminate to any place that can be used for a start of a base to a structure that could lead to "pure gold moments ". Outside the net, all the same rules applies. it' can be ANYWHERE they want their voice heard.

Gremlins "pure gold moments": Gremlins love gold and to them it can be attained by getting laughs, hate, recognition for what they do, or putting shame on trolls or other foolish creatures, that might want to test a gremlin out.

A Gremlins "territorial mark" can be how they type out or/ say words. they might have a stamp or certain punchline to finish.. it's whatever they want it to be, juss as long as it's known or will be known, they love the thought of having their present to be known and talked about, even when noht around.  

(alright all that needs to be added is "gremlin and gremlin relations" AND "gremlin and public relations" then! i can start work on the different "types" of gremlins lmfao)

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I think I might be a hybrid between a Gremlin and a Troll, brilliant read!

funny thing is when this is all said and done that will be covered in this story also. i used to be a troll, then i converted mauhself and made new rules up ( i was prolly one of the nicer trolls actually, i said **** it and changed mauh ways) ;D

Wise minds must think alike then ;^)

hell yea they do! =D

LOL this is great

still so much editing and adding to do! thank you though, buhggy. =D

Haha loving the additional detail hun! This'll be ready to market before you know it!

*takes bong hit and bows* thank you sweets, this is hard to type out, i keep seeing things that need to be changed! i cant help but change, tweek and fix this alot. i hate when i go for long posts lmfao. =D

Know the feeling babes lol. But lookin' good all the same! :)

thanks again.. ok, now im done fixing for now *cough* im noht gonna bet on it though haha.

I'm thinkin' that I'm a gremlin too. Have you noticed the amount of children who have joined EP lately who think they troll? It's pretty sad.

i know right bro? if this blows up.. trolls on ep will be a thing of the past and will eventually be our "pets" lmfao.

for sure

Love how in detail this is lol. You should collate this and make a book! 'Understanding Online Gremlins and Trolls for Dummies' :P

lmfao, thats a good idea. i would need someone as bright as you to help me out with something like that though, sweets ;D

Aww thanks hun! :D
I think you could do some awesome illustrations to go along with it. Personally, I think a gremlin would look awesome in a dunce hat! :P

dont flatter me with a hat a such, lmfao. you can draw though... **** yea, im soO bad at drawing that anytime i do attempt to draw, it explodes.. so that would work out perfectly haha. =D