Go Troll Killah!

EdieQuinnz EdieQuinnz
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6 Responses Jul 1, 2012

lol mean kitty kitty

this **** still makes me laugh

*Screams* with laughter!

=P careful now. Dont weee!

I making sure I go before I read your stuff!


Troll Whisperer....


impressive. Go ahead and take a full bow. I promise not to rub your *** this time.

i dont believe you

ok. I'll rub, but I won't spank. C'mon... don't leave me hanging here...

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lmfao!!!! where can i find me one of those troll killahs >=)

i train them =P

>=) how much for a thousand??? lmfao im thinkin of turnin them loose here on ep hehehe >=)

LMFAO!!!! ******* awesome, if i was a troll, i'd be ******** mauhself, TROLLS BEWARE! THAT'S SPARTA KITTAY FROM HELL!

lmao this **** made me laughhhhh

Best sound effects ever!

i thought the same! i love this video