Gizmo Smokes

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So this is what Americans get up to when they're drunk

only the "special" drunks

Some of them do it sober

Fact dente

When some of drink, we would rather smoke a joint! lol

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wow lmao, all this make me do was light up a cig, thanks buhg for condoning smoking haha =D

isnt he so cute with a cig in his hand?!

yes he was/is =D

I bet this isn't the only thing Gizmo smokes.

true that!

oh, this brings back memories of the time when I brought back a Mogwai for the Teletubbies from my trip to China...<br />
<br />
you remember the 5th Teletubby? no one does... :-( the Teletubbies kept feeding their Mogwai Tubbytoasts way after midnight ('again! again!') and it turned into a Gremlin and it was still hungry so it ate the 5th one alive!<br />
<br />
I had to shoot it with a Tubbytoasts gun... the Teletubbies were really disappointed... 'again! again!' they were shouting... they'd had so much fun watching the Gremlin eat the 5th Teletubby... poor things... :-(

he is addicted to these teletubbies lol

Anything but this movie... I couldn't stand this movie, couldn't go the bathroom the same ever again either!

lmao but Gizmo is so cute!

NOOOOOOOOO!!! as a kid these were my nightmares!

Gizmo? really? he's like the pet ive always wanted

I was scared of everything as a kid..

Gosh rainbow bright musta blown ya mind


lmao Dente

I don't get it.

look up Rainbow Bright

The fudge biscuit are you telling me to look up?!!!!! someone was high as hell making this rainbow bright shiz


*prances around* I'm so cool.

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