Kitteh Vs. Kittehn

why you so mean to meeeeeeh? *hisssssssss*

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Oh, this is awesome :)..

Hilarious music. It just shows you how a soundtrack can make something seem so much more dramatic than it actually is.

oh wow lmao, adorable BUT! she wishes she was that cute or could throw down even pffffft!

but come on! How cute are we? meow meow meow

too cute damnit! i know your tricks, buhg, sooo sinister! *gremlin laughs*

tricks? meeeeeeeeeeee? meow?

lmao... awwwwwww... i will pout about this damnit!

*kitteh cuddlez*

=/ damn you! *snuggles kittengremlinbuhg* i wanna feed you cake lmfao!

i'll take the cake! GIMMEEEEEEEE *hissssssssssss*

=OH'S!! * with tremblinghands ovuh cakes, pies and cupcakes*

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The music makes it epic...can we book this band for the kitty vs Lushy fight?

i think it can be arranged

I was expecting blood and tears..... :P

not in this one. lol

Epic fight though!

lol cracked me up. there's another one but they are just screeching at each other. Angry kittehs are scary

I am just glad my cats dont play with me like that, i would have cuts everywhere

yeah =/ some cats leave nasty wounds

I got this wound on the back of my foot, used my foot to stretch on, and spread her claws out, i am so glad i was asleep when it happened, it would hurt if i was awake


I know, imagine if i was awake?

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feckin cute and vicious!