Voodoo Cat!

EdieQuinnz EdieQuinnz
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4 Responses Jul 6, 2012

Im one

a voodoo cat?

well... that was juss annoying.. lmfao. kick that cat i would.


Lmao ... Mommy can you hear me?


Ah, it just cast a curse on me! D:

look awayyyyyyyyyyy!

Too late. Nooo.......

nooooooooooooo* gets holy water*

*turns into stone*

*cries and sprays holy water* Aye dios mio, salvalo!!!!

*shatters into a million pieces*

noooooooooooo ........*cries*

Damn cat killed me!!

its a voodoo cat! we can turn u into a zombie

O.o Zombie?

its the only way mijo

Lets do it!

right! just dont.............eat my face off or something

No promises XD


Well a zombie is mindless!

i will have to rethinking this plan then

Just gonna leave me dead? D:

for now. Dont worry, i'll put you on ice. you wont rot

Lol, all right

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