Ms. Pennyfarts.

LMFAO! i love you stamper, we are too much alike in our outrageous ways...

Doxtah Doxtah
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That was ******* great.

this guy makes the best funny toons. too bad alot of them are so hardcore they cant even be put on youtube.. .he is a sick ****! like me in many ways lmfao. =D

He is badass!

I'm working on some animations myself =]

are you? thats ******* awesome! =D

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this is ridiculously hilarious and gross lmao

lmfao, wanna share some fangled snacks with me mrs. pennyfarts?

ugggh no lol

foine more fangled snacks for me. instead of giving you cakes you will only get fangled snacks from me from here on out lmao.


=/ errr...fangled cakes to snack on perhaps?


**** it.. you only get delicious fancy cakes and cupcakes then spoiled buhg pffft! *hands you delicious fancy cake* bettuh? damn right you are. =D

=) yay! *skips around you buzzzzzzing*

lmao, tinybuzzingbuhg. =D oh did you see that panda vid? taht **** is distrubing in a funny way =/

=/ im not trusting anything you think is disturbing

juss the unfitting music and the seriousness of the panda is whats disturbing.. ******* funny nonetheless =D

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