Total Teen Bookworm

I am a total bookworm. At the age of thirteen, I have read more books than my brother (16) and probably anyone in my class (14, because I skipped a grade). I couldn't live without books if I wanted to, but sometimes it's hard.

Once when I was in fifth grade, I was reading on the playground during recess, and another, much bigger fifth-grader came up to me and grabbed my book. I always try to control my emotions, but books are very important to me, and that particular one was one I cared a lot about (Black Beauty, by Anna Sewell). Anyway, I kicked him and took my book back, but they continued teasing me until I found a friend to play with during recess. And even then, another group of boys teased us because we were both really smart and top of our class.


Another time, in eighth grade, I was writing during recess and some guy I knew from seventh grade asked me what I was writing. And every time I read or write at school (when it's not during class), I get noticed and teased/insulted. I think being a bookworm is great, but not everybody thinks so.

Tymeria Tymeria
13-15, F
Mar 8, 2009