Books Are Windows And Mirrors

How many times have you read a book and discovered parts of yourself you never knew were there? Mirrors. I've found mirrors in my aunt's cheap paperback romance's when I was 12 and hormonal, sneaking them to an empty room and skimming my way to the dirty parts. Mirrors in the aching realism of Joyce Caroll Oates, in the scathing social commentary of Margaret Atwood.

I've read Neil Gaiman books that make me want to pack my bags and visit Neverwhere, chasing Stardust. Windows. Jack Vance pulled me in with his detailed narrative, making me want to vacation in Lyonesse. Books have made my fantasies a priority.

Sometimes books are both windows AND mirrors. Thanks Jacqueline Carey, I never knew there was a little anguisette in me!
Esotericgirl Esotericgirl
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6 Responses Jul 17, 2010

Thanks, you helpful kitty, you. I'll try him out.

Try some Thomas Hardy if you really wanna be transported.

The harsh glare of a monitor can't replace the feeling of cuddling up with a book on your favorite chair. Or the blissful but lonely feeling you get when you turn the last page of a fantastic book. You are so right!

Thanks, I haven't read it, but I will now!

You Must Remember This by Joyce Carol Oates. I couldn't put it down. Or if you like fantasy, sex, (& tastefully written s&m situations) : Kushiel's Dart, by Jaqueline Carey. Lots of adventure, great world-building.

I wish I had time to read lots of books, cause I love them too. Now I am just so in love with EP, if someone post something from the books they read I would love to read here.