Borderline Genius

All of a sudden, Aspies and genius is what I am hearing.  I only have a few symptoms...what are people talking about?  I swear, I think I am going to cry!

UPDATE: Well if I am, I am.  At least I am a genius, hehe.

I have been trying to read on borderline genius, I can't find nothing aside from forums.  I want to read it in psychology tems and etc...  Any idea where I can find links to the borderline genius (not forum)? 
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3 Responses May 23, 2012

IQ is just one ingredient of many needed for genius. It is the lest important ingredient. Contact me if you wish to make full use of your IQ. I can set your mind on fire and turn you into a real genius.

i research a bunch of psychology and im borderline. it's said that people with borderline are very smart in general. this may be a very watered down way of saying that people with borderline tend to have a lot of sociopathic traits as well. there is an up and a down with borderline and the "up" portion is the side that would show these traits. many people argue that the sociopathic community is dangerous and ugly, but thats just because they are afraid and because they know theyre different. i argue that the difference is that people with sociopathic traits are smarter. simply because they see through other's bullshit and manipulation through emotions.

take an iq test, my iq is on average around 160 (plus or minus 10) everytime i take one. Whatever being a borderline genius means in psychology terms is irrelevant... you are what you are, not what physiatrists tell you you probably are.

I second that. I hear tests are notoriously bad at measuring intelligence. Anyway, if something as intricate as the norms of society depend only wholly on the personal opinions of the general consensus (and even then the lines defining the norms are blurry), there's no need to get all self-conscious or worked up over what other people think/hear /'learn' is right, and then tell you. Though me telling you this is all of ironic and perhaps rhetoric. Never mind. (Not trying to offend anyone)*