Well Thats About Half Right

I don't consider myself born again. I was born into this life believing in God...and I cannot remember a time when Jesus Christ was not my lord and savior so I don't get the whole born again thing. But I joined the group because I do believe that Jesus Christ is my lord and savior.

I have issues though. I believe I have a relationship with God. I feel God puts things in my heart... and I feel very strongly that God and Jesus are separate. I am not sure about God and the holy spirit... and about most things my attitude is that when I die, I will find out. I don't really know how to put it into words. When I pray, I try to include Jesus... but it feels forced, and it is a conscious decision on my part to do so. When I talk to God, it is the most natural thing in the world, and its not like I say okay, I am going to take this time before meals, or before bed to spend a minute with God, but more like God is with me every hour of every day and I speak to him quite conversationally much like I would a friend...if I had one that I would feel comfortable sharing my inner most thoughts with. Thats not to say that I think I am perfect and that God would find no fault with me, but that I am confident that even though God is unhappy with many of my choices, that he in all still finds me to be quite loveable. Jesus on the other hand... while I want to meet him, and would love to get to know him, while I have read stories, and listened to songs... my relationship with Jesus doesn't feel personal, yet...

IDK... anyway, thats my story and i'm stickin to it!
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May 20, 2012