Would Like To Get Back Up And Walk Again

I remember the time when i was brought to my knees for the first time... I did accept Jesus into my life. I can't deny the beauty of living a life depending upon his love. But, Alas, i've been a fool to turn back.. I would just like to ask the people here.. Have you ever slipped away from such a wonderful love just like peter and then had to get up, fight back and start walking again? Have you been there? I would like to hear from all so that i encourages fellow believers to get back up and walk again. Thank you.
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22-25, M
1 Response Feb 21, 2011

Incarcerated, borrowed shame / Freedom was the promise they took away / And now you're left with what you find so hard is forgiving yourself<br />
So much true . . But his sweet echo saying ' I just want you to come home' is what i long for . . :-)