Please Love Jesus Today.

Dear siblings in Christ, please take time today to spend with the Lord. Jesus loves us so much. He sacrificed everything so that we could be in relationship with Him. It is so precious to be in fellowship with God. Trust in Him and follow Him. Please make Jesus your everything. When you make a mistake or sin don't run away but return to Jesus Christ. He will give you the grace to live in a way that is for God. He is merciful, kind, loving, gracious and true. He is faithful and true. In Him you will find a true friend. In my life I have had a lot of sorrows and I was sad because I didn't have any friends; I felt so alone. I have now discovered that I am not alone and Jesus is my friend, my best friend in the whole world. In Christ I can hold my head up.
OceanUndertow OceanUndertow
22-25, F
3 Responses Mar 11, 2012

Amen! I have experienced this same feeling of being alone and have also found Christ in the process!

I love with my hear too.I have his name tatood on my are cuz he's been my best friend since I was thirteen and asked him into my life.

That's awesome. With God's help we can all live for Him and serve Him.

i love jesus everyday every week every month and everyyear