I Am A Mother Of Two Girls, Both Grown, They Didn't Even Come To See Me On Mothers Day, One Is Gay And I Told Her That I Wish She Would Stop Putting Things On Facebook That Let People Know

I am very depressed and can't seem to shake it. I have two daughters that are grown and did not acknowledge me on Mothers Day. One I have not seen since Christmas. One is gay, which I told her I that I still loved her and would stand beside her until she started posting all this crap on FB about the amendment wanting NC to pass a law for gays to be married. She said her church believed in it. I am just torn up Can anyone offer some words of encouragement?
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Just forgive them and pray for their enlightenment. It is right that you should love your daughters whether they're gay or lesbian or whatever. Let her post on facebook and post on her wall your love. You suffer because you lose face with fellow Christians. That does not matter − that is just pride. Christians should love without discrimination even if that love is not paid back − God will compensate you a hundredfold. As for your gay daughter, I think most girls who say they're lesbian aren't really homosexual... just distrustful of love and commitment from “regular” men while witnessing affection without lust from gay guys . It's a confusing time with guys turning into girls and vice-versa. Look at it closely and you'll see it is just people seeking love. Give that love unconditionally so they will not seek it from smoke and glitter.

i will pray for you and your daughter