The Best Gift!

The Best Gift Jesus gave was HIS LIFE for me to be saved.I became saved at the age of 11.I am still an active Christian for GOD.When someone is newly saved, I like to tell's not going to be easy because now, the Devil doesn't have you so he is going to work overtime to make your life hard and make you try to feel miserable,and he's going to try to make you think you don't need to go to Church,watch out because this is when the Devil starts worming his way in,We should'nt forsake the assembly of others.Staying in Church with my Church family is a STRONG support group and it helps me stay strong.We are not perfect and I make mistakes but that is what Praying for forgiveness is for.Christians are to be happy.I'm happy, I don't walk around like I've been sucking on sour lemons all day.Christians can have fun.We laugh our butts off and guess's fun the whole family can enjoy without having to worry what the kids are going to pick up and say or do.

Being Born Again is AMAZING! You want to learn more and you want to just have to keep moving forward and not get stalled.Get off the bottle and eat the meat!There is so much learning to do and so much to share that we should want to do this, not "a have to do this"

Enjoy life and share with others.Don't keep the Faith...Share it! :

mechell mechell
31-35, F
2 Responses Apr 27, 2007

You say you are happy. How can you be happy when billions of people are burning in eternal fire for not believing the right thing? What about all the Jews who died in the Holocaust? Are they being burned and tortured by god even as we speak? How can you go to church and pray to a god who does that? Do you have any friends who aren't Christian? Will you continue to be happy, and pray and worship god when they are being tortured in hell? Good people, people who loved their families and their friends, who were loyal to their loved ones and in many cases devoutly religious, are being tortured by being burned in fire. Not just for a little while, but forever. Go to bed- they are burning. Wake up- they are burning. Eat breakfast- they are burning Every minute of every day- by the god you worship.<br />
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If I were in your shoes, I wouldn't be so happy.

Amen to all that you have written, sis! I too am a born-again Christian and love the Lord! I don't know how people live without Jesus in their daily life. I love to study the bible and to praise the Lord. I agree, the old devil tries to tell people that there is no need to attend church but that is just one of his lies. It is important to be part of a church, after all, that is why it is called the "Body of Christ". We are all part of it and must function together. Isn't it great knowing that you are never alone once you have found Jesus. He never leaves us nor forsakes us. I am not ashamed to tell anyone about the love of Jesus. After all, I can never repay Him enough for what He did for me. Keep preaching it, Sister!