Slowly Overcoming My Fears

Wow! This SPMS Symposium that Ate Evelyn invited me in proved to be another God's eye-opener and source of hope and strength. I just could not think how a fearful man would have to face his fears by teaching those whom he fear. I had new aquaintances and new friends. Well that is a good start.

That symposium-seminar-workshop was given to familiarize and educate the government employees for a new work system that would emphasize the monitoring and improvement of their work performances. And I am one of the resource speakers. Praise God!

Surely, God has answered my prayer, that He give me situations to face my fear and that I may overcome it.


And the Lord again showed me much of my pride - still in my 'to be dealt with' list. In my heart there is a longing to be recognized as a wonderful intellectual person. And of course lustful weakness. I know very well, that if I am unsuccessful in dealing with these matters, then I am done in my forecoming college years.

I know that God is still leading me to a freeing process.
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