My Life As A Christian!



There are so many people thinking that GOD doesn't really care.
It’s a huge misconception I will say.
I want to go on telling a story about my life from before I was born, It started with the story my late mother told me when I was about 21 years old.
My Mother and I was very close together all her life hardship was one of the things keeping us as close as we were.

She was visiting me in a hospital where I was recuperating after a leg operation.
I’m going to tell the first part of this story as she told me in her own words her name was Rensie, and she always called me Phillip."FLIPPIE"
That day was my 21 first birthday and I could see that she had something on her heart which she had to get off.

Phillip my son mum have to tell you a story about you and the time of your birth I always told you that you must believe in GOD and that you must always put your trust in him because he will heal you every time you get sick as now and that you must never loose any trust in him.

Your birthday should have being in March moth but something happen that causes your fetes to stop progressing you must remember that in the 50’s doctors didn’t believe in forcing late births.

The reason for all this was because I had to push your dad’s car for quit a way until someone came to help him with the car. I went home and didn’t feel well for days, your grandmother just told me that you will come when you are ready.

At the end of April I was really very concerned about you and was praying to God to give me a answer in when you will be coming I was crying nonstop, and it was on the end of the month, there was no money, your dad was drinking somewhere and I was sitting helpless on the end of the bed and cry when a women dressed all in white all of a sudden was with me in the room.
Calmness came over me and she just held her finger to her mouth and said that I don’t have to fear you will be ok!

I Smiled back at her as she came forward held her hand on my tummy and just as fast as you stopped kicking in me more than a month ago you gave me a massive kick and I knew that every thing would be okay. She then said to me that I must just trust in God.

Phillip what I want to tell you now worried me all my life I don’t want you to ever think that I did not love you.
Seven days later on this day of May you were born at home your Grandma was with me all the time.
But when you were born I saw something in grandma’s eyes which shock me in to my core, things did not look very good for you, you were not pink but brown yellow from yellow jaundice they had to get us both to a hospital. The doctors also did not have any hope for you at all.

After they stabilized you three days later, you still did not want to eat and on top of that I did not had milk for you so we had to depend on Cows milk Klim milk and Nespray milk that was the only baby milk at the time but you did not want to take any of that at all.

They sent you home with me to see if I could not get you to eat, but nothing could get you to take the bottle.
And in the meantime I did not had any sleep for day’s, that night I walk to the toilet outside leaving you with grandma, and once again the Angle met me outside and she did not said a thing to me she just smiled and gave me hope like the first time she was there.

I got a couple of minutes sleep in the toilet and went back to take over from your grandma, Saturday had come and gone Sunday you were really looking very bad, bottles of milk were standing all over the show.

Grandma looked in just before they went to church and I knew that the look on her face did not promise anything.
They just left when I went and made a fresh bottle of milk to try once more to see if you did not want to take it, I came back picked you up still crying and lay you in my arms praying to God for you to make you take the bottle, but to no avail at all you just spat all the milk out and kept on crying.

You must forgive me for crying Phillip but what I did next is not nice at all, I stepped back from the bed two meters and threw you on the bed telling God I had enough and how sorry I am because there was no more will to carry on at all, you landed on the feather bed and I turned around to walk out when a voice came to me and said try just one more time Rensie! I walked back picked you up and put the bottle to your mouth, you took hold of it with your weak little hands and did not stop until it was empty, I picked up the old bottle and also put it to your mouth and you drank more than half of that bottle.

More than an hour later I woke up when Grandma came in she thought you were dead because you were sleeping so well.

Things did not cam right with me all at once my mother told me but for years I stayed very skinny the family always said to my mother she must give me more food but I could nod pickup any weight.

At my 6’Th birthday my mother took me to a clinic doctor and was shocked what he told her there. Mum this boy will never see his 14’TH birthday because he stay’s to skinny and there was something wrong with me he can’t put his finger on at that time.

Never de les I went to school the next year and my mother had to take a lot of nonsense from the school clinic because I stayed so skinny but every time I gave her the letters from school she just told me not to worry God has everything in control.
I know that my mother gave me more than enough food to eat and at the time I was a big boy and trust my mom.

Even so we did have trouble with my dad and his drinking but family did provide us with more than enough food.

In addition from my point of view when I look back at my child wood day’s I really think that the reason of my skinny look was because of the problem between my mom and dad we had to witness lots of bad things, and because I was so close to my mom it had a very big effect on me.

The reason for that is when my mother devours my dad in 1962 we went to a orphanage and just to know my mom was okay and not to go through all the beating I picked up quit a bit of weight, I even became a very good boxer but this was just for a short time because just a year later I was having a practice run for a fight I was to have that weekend terror struck me halfway in the run.

A dust cloud came up and I had to run all the way through this windstorm this dust was mixed with a chemical they use for insects and it did not spell anything good for me.
I god DDT Poisoning and landed up in hospital that same night, for more than two months.
There were other kids as well with the same symptoms and as far as I could remember some of them died.

I pushed through but not without a very bad side effect because I did not know about it before a year later just before I turned 14.

Rheumatism fever was the next sickness that struck me and the worst thing was I had to suffer for one year before I got help for it, after going to the clinic numerous times complaining about pain in my joints.

The sister will give you a disprin and tell me to stop playing in the ruff with the kids after a wile pain god so bad I could hardly walk but bandages were put on and you just had to go to school.
Even nights were no more fun at all pain was nonstop sleeping with pain like this was just to bad to withstand teachers did not care much if you were an orphan and I just try and make the best with my life at the time.

April the next year I could not withstand it anymore and after school I went and sit by the teachers car and cry because I could not walk back to the orphanage, she ask me when last did I last see a doctor and she took me to the town clinic where they then find out that I was suffering from savior Rheumatism fever.

I went from there to the hospital and were very sick for over seven months when December came I was sent home because my mother got married again and we were going home for that holiday to see if we want to stay at home with my step dad, at first he was okay but being sick and most of the time in the bed and not seeing him at all because of his work we went back to the orphanage the next year February that year I was back in hospital and by now they found out that I had Rheumatoid Arthritis on top of what I had already, I’m a kid and what do I know never did a preacher came to visit me.

And on top of that al the other sick kids in the hospital was visited by their teachers but in all the time not one came to see me or ask me if I was okay, I then started praying to GOD to help me night after night I would lay in bed and pray.

Soon they told my the Rheumatism fever had subsided and I was now free from that, and could go back to school again standard 6 was not very easy because I had to catch up so much for the rest of the year, December came and me just squeezing through to standard 7 and me going home for good was very hard because from the beginning my step dad said if I’m not getting through that year I had to go and work and make my own way trough life.

I was very sick all that year and did not pas 7 and had to go and work on the railway the next year, every time I got sick they just sent me home and said I must go and se a government hospital until I’m better, 13 operations later I was more or les pain free.

By then I was twenty six and still not married not that I mind because I was very afraid to ever get married because of the problem I had on top of that getting a good work was very hard no one want to employ me every one said I was to sick to work.

I got my drivers license and got a job as a taxi driver for three years in this time I met my wife and took a leap for something better because I could not support a wife on a taxi driver’s license.

Again with lots of praying I got the job at a steel refinery where I got the chance of going to technical collage where I got a bit more brains and because they did not want to put me in a better position I looked for a better job ells were.

This is were the first miracle in my life have occur most of all the other things was a miracle but this one was the first to shook me in my core, when I got the other job my boss called me in and asked me to stay on for three months because I had to train a older guy to take my job over.

The place I apply for another job except and I stay on for three months, the guy I had to train was Uncle Boy’s old fishing friend of mine and every thing went well for that three months.

I finally packed up end went to the new job and was very happy to be in another town at this new job as a assistant chemical operator, still on my learning curves two weeks later my boss called me in and gave me this sad news that the guy I have trained on the other place I have worked had a fatal accident, he died that morning doing the job he took over from me.

I could not stop my self but started crying on the spot it just shook me because I knew that if I was there it should’ve being me because there was now way to do that inspection he did without being on that spot where a 15 ton metal block with the cutting machine on top of it were push back by a instrument worker neglecting the warning since at the controls., if I was still there I would have being died today.

That opened my eyes and from that day I was even more safety orientated everything for the next couple of years bring me up to a senior position and higher salary.

Buying myself a boat and because I was a very highly observed fishermen I went fishing weekend after weekend at most of the fishing spots around my area I were staying, in October 1987 shortly after my mom past away I went fishing at a dam two hundred kilometers away from where I stayed one hundred kilos from the nearest hospital.

I fished from Thursday with no problem and on that Sunday morning something had to shake me in my core, after standing up and had my first coffee I walked down to my boat just as I climbed on the boat before I loosen the rope tied to the boat something told me not to go fishing with the boat that morning but to try out the creek just a couple of meters away from were my boat was.

At that point of time there was no one at the water but me just after I landed my first smallmouth bass something started to happen to me from feeling good to all of a sudden feeling not so good sharp lights in my vision and hard to breathe as if something was squeezing the life out of my body.

I walked back to my boat and then up to my wife all the time feeling very bad, then just as my wife was in site I told her with the little breath I had I cant anymore, and collapse on the ground right in front of her my heart and lungs have just stop working in a instant.

My wife looked around and then spot two guy’s fishing just a half a kilometer away from were I was fishing, she called and with out hesitation they came running up to her and saw me lying there on the ground.

They were two first year medical students and started giving me mouth to mouth resuscitation and asked my wife to bring something to cover me from the sun, at this time there was no cell phones and my only hope was this two guardian angels two ours later they got me with the knowledge they had all back and breathing again at that point of time they told my wife to get me at a hospital as soon as possible.

All I could remember was that there were a lot of people around me but when I sit up in the tent not even knowing that they took me in the tent there were only the two guy’s my wife and a friend who came halfway through the commotion, when I asked my wife were was all the other people she just looked at me and said that there was no other people but only the four of them I was totally baffled because I was sure there was more than just four people.
Because there is no cell phones we had to make a plan getting home two hundred kilometers away from where I was at the time, we made a plan my wife will help me steer the car and my friend will drive in front and all I had to do is follow him.

At this point of time I had a tunnel vision and could only se direct in front of me, but four ours later we were at home and I flaked out on the bed shaking from the long drive back home.

The next morning I woke up and went straight to a doctor, he was totally baffled what have happened to me but sent me to a neurologist in Pretoria I could not drive but got someone to take me.

The neurologist did the entire test we needed and said that lots of men in their late thirties die of the same thing and I could consider myself very lucky to have the two students at hand when I had the episode.

From this episode I now only suffers from Epilepsy ever since, I do want to say that if ever I find out who this two guy’s were I really want to hug them and say thanks because without them and GOD at my side that day I would not be alive today.

I had just six months before the next thing happen to me by far the biggest thing ever not that I went on rating all this thing happening to me but really to lose all your friends is big and I will never forget them as long as I’m alive.

One Saturday in February 1989 I was called in and told that I had to work at the consoles that week and that the PK outside was to work in my spot, this things was called for every now and then, but this time were not any other time because what had happen the next week still make me skip a lot of sleep at night even if it was 23 years ago.

The weekend went without any flaw it was 12 ours all the time and at Monday I woke up the morning and did not feel well at all, there were something in me to tell me to book of sick, but as I walked out in my front garden and saw all the nice flowers in the garden I felt a little better.

All the way to work I feel something were wrong and I could not put anything to it because it’s a day like any other day but there was n warning I could not get to it, as I took over shift that morning I still asked the guy if every thing were okay, no problem Phillip why! I just shook my head and pat him on the back and sent him of like all the other times.

Malcolm the TA foreman was there and I still told him the Adalia bulbs he gave me is in full bloom and the flowers are really nice, at 08:00h the outside PK came walking in the control room and asked me for a Coke because I were the coke club man and open the freezer and handed him a Coke and still said Dries you did not even made a liter of petrol and here you drinking a coke.

Yes Dries smiled at me and after a couple of seconds he put the empty on the table and run out at the side door, Minutes later he called me and report a problem at the 611 line and I still asked my SPK friend at the other face to also go and have a look Willem nodded over the radio and went over.

I then cut the pressure on that line by stopping the pump and what they did outside is removing the lagging on the pipe and that was a fatal mistake, what happen is the lagging held the pipe in tack and the second the safety strap broke the pipe gave in and let the oil and gas free which statically ignite and causes all the gas to Ignite.

As I was standing in the control room hearing a vibration at first, then a small explosion just as a person on the radio said.

I’m burning!

The radio made a funny sound and at that point I jump for the side door and found the plant on fire, I run back to the foreman’s office placing my hand on ether side of the doors and said.


I then turned around and started disabling the rest of the units and open the nitrogen valves I could control from the inside of control room, I was halfway with that when the second explosion shook everyone in the control room, fell to the ground because it shook our legs from under us but we was all quit okay.

I was very scared but for some reason not dead scared at all, I manage as well as I could doing everything I was supposed to do, this all took me about three minutes felt like hour’s, most of the flames was out except for the leak at the lines directly involved.

I looked at the table behind me and saw the Coke bottle still standing there water still running from it and I knew that Dries was not there anymore , my big boss came in to me and thank me for being as calm as I was and for closing the plant down as fast as I did.

I did not know what to say to him, and just as the words came out I said to him man you still standing here and everyone in the control room’s nerves are shut can’t you do something about it, he turned around and was out as fast as you can say knife minutes later return with a whole bottle full of nerve tablets gave it to me and said hand every one a coke and two pills son and went out to se what the situation was outside.

At this point there was nothing much we could do inside except for watching the temps on all the critical units outside, shortly afterward firemen started telling us about dead bodies they were picking up outside.

At that point I could not help but sat down and cry, because it’s all my friends they picking up at that point of time my hard went out as every minute they started calculating and at twelve that day twelve people was dead and two were in critical position in ICU in hospital, I don’t know how many times I prayed that day or asked why.

At three that afternoon my boss sent me home where I cried my eye’s out most of the day trying to make piece with God and asking why, it took many years before I got the answer to that,

One guy got sick and the whole shift chance had to happen to get someone on the control’s who will not crack under pressure, because the guy who were supposed to be on the control’s were to be the foreman and when the second explosion happen he ran to the clock station that day.

If he were in my position that day and run off more than only twelve people would have being dead, today is twenty three years later and there is not one night I don’t think of my friend who died that day God bless them to me they were heroes that day and I know that one day I will see them again to hug them.

God were with me that weekend and I can never thank him enough for saving my life that time, miracles happen every day and most of the time we cant thank God enough.

Seven of my best friends are gone five contractors but they were just as friendly as my friends so we must never think someone we don’t know is not a friend God bless them and I cant say it enough.

Not long after this accident God’s hand was over me again as my wife and I went fishing at ST-Lucia in the north coast, the first night I caught some good fish and my promises to my friends were done because I always took fish for my closes friends.

The next night I went down to the same spot not knowing that it could be my last night that night, as I said God never sleep, I went on fishing like the night before and could not get the right bait but only nice big prawns for my wife.

After casting quit a couple of time and shaking the net out in a bucket with my back to the water the next time I cast the net something told me not to turn my back to the water and stand next to the bucket on the pier side, I lifted the net and at the same time a Crocodile leaped out at the same spot I was standing the previous time and snap at me.

He mist me with a centimeter and fall back to the water, I dropped the net just like that in the bucked and reach for my gaff not knowing what went through my head I stuck the gaff in the water and only when I felt something moving and only then it struck me that I’m playing with death.

As I try and pull the gaff back I hooked the 4 meter Crocodile under his jaw he was cross for not getting me the first time and I’m cross he is bothering me on my fishing night, at this point I did not wake up from the freight I got, only minutes later when he opened the 16/0 tuna hook and leap towards me and snap the gaff in two as he snap his jaws for the second time

He now bit the gaff only inches from my hand and pulled the gaff from me and with a wild swoop threw the gaff on my boat, I don’t go out fishing at night because I suffer from Epilepsy, but now he scared me and the only thing I could do was pack up and went to the camp shaking in my boots.

The next thing happening to me that weekend was on the Sunday before I went home my wife and I was sitting near the estuary mouth and fish for Grunter my rods were standing in their stands and because there were a fin drizzling of rain coming down I went and sit in the car with my wife.

She put the radio on and we were listening to our home radio at the time when the braking news came over the radio, violent storm was moving towards our town and the predicted very bad hail, I then took my wife’s hand and started to pray to God to please keep his hand over my property.

A sudden calmness came over me and I went on fishing that night, the next day we packed up and were on our way home when we hear on the news about devastating hail and damage in our town and area.

As we close our town you could see that the hail did a lot of damage to maize fields as well as town houses, then when we near our area where we stayed things did not look very nice at all flowers, trees and tiling on the house were looking very bad.

But to my amazement my garden looked UN touched no broken tiles on my roof, but all around my property was nothing like what I saw at my house no flowers and people all over the place fixing tiles on their roofs.

I went in my house and immediately thank God for what he did the night before, even my neighbor told me it’s a miracle that nothing has broken in my property.

I do believe that God will at will save anything you asked for, as long as you do believe in what you asked him, one thing I can say never say I wish God will save me on a trip or when you want him to do something fore you, God is no genie his real and just wait for you to really believe in him.

God saved me so much in the past and I know that he will do it every time because he love us all and don’t want to loose a son or anyone who worship him, my next couple of real stories of my life is just as good as the once I have told so far.

In 1991 I went for a annual medical test at work when the doctor find out that there were some problem with my back and told me about it and said we must keep an eye on it, the next year he told me it’s getting worst and we must make a plan if it stay on bending like that.
I then also started finding some difficulty breathing as well as problems sleeping at night, I went and saw my doctor and he was not happy at all and sent me for a better examination at a specialist.

Things was not good because I develop a very bad back problem Scoliosis and they had to operate immediately, that were not good at all because I had to go on pension afterwards, pension is good but not at the age of 43 even so my bosses set it was okay and it relax me to go on with the operation.

On the 9 Oct I went in for the operation which would only lasted 6 hours but it did not happen that way at all during the operation the had to wake me up and make sure that I can move my arms and legs, but they did not do it at the right time and only after 6 hours they though I was okay but when they want to wake me up my longs collapse.

That was not good at all and it took them more than two hours to get me on track again on a very critical list and it was touch and go, this doctor lost a couple of his patients like that and he was hoping for the best as one sister told me afterwards.

I landed up in the ICU and had to stay there for as long as it will take, as I know my self I was a fighter and on the fourth night things started to happen to me I don’t know how late it was but I open my eye’s for the first time looking straight up but as I started looking around I should find that I was not alone at all.

As I look to my right there was a man not looking like a doctor at all, I then looked to my left and there were a man as well just like the other man very friendly and they did not look like any men I saw before, only when the man on my left speak I knew he was an Angel because he told me to come if I want because everything were okay.

In addition I did not feel like going any wear because at that point I could only think of my wife and how much I love her at the time, I then turn my head to the man on my right side he were very quite at first and then said to me you have lots more to do and it would be okay to stay, I then felt very calm and close my eye’s again, only to wake up in the morning of the fifth day.

As I wake up that morning I could here someone next to me praying as he held my hand only to find out that it was my doctor (Specialist) he asked God to please save my life because he could not stand it if he would lose me as well, what happen next were taking the cake I squished his hand and said don’t worry doctor I’m still going to catch a lot of fish, he jumped up and were ecstatic from hearing me saying that.

What strikes me the most that same day was when my preacher came to visit me that day I had to tell him about the Angels, he looked at me with a way you could make out he don’t believe what I say, instead he did answer me and said Phillip you must remember you were very much sedated and could just dreamt about it because of all the drugs they have given you.

All I knew is that this were not a dream and God did sent his Angels to visit me that night and I personally thank them for being so kind to me that night.

The next year I went on pension and went to the sea where everything happen for the best if you are positive enough things were not as good as some people will think, in addition pain never subsided as much as the doctors said, pain pills were the thing I had to drink morning and nights to have a smile on my face.

I moved down to the South Coast just to meet my second doctor who almost killed me, one night in October 1996 I got a very bad pain in my chest my wife took me to the hospital and the doctor immediately took me up to ICU where I went through a couple of tests, two days later they said I could go home there is nothing wrong with my heart at all.

That same Thursday morning I went back to my house doctor and still dying from pain she sent me back to the same doctor where he then did a test and find that my gallbladder were about to burst he said that I must not go home and walked me from his room to the ward in the hospital.

Three O clock that day he took me to the theater “OR” and said don’t worry you will be out of hospital by tomorrow, not knowing that there were a hell of a thing to happen to me that day.

Under the operation or shall I say just as he started he made a hole in my stomach and put the lance to deep and cut my Aorta from the top to the bottom 10cm long with the scalpel and only find it out after my doctor who were assets him told him that my blood pressure were dropping very fast.

Just as the blood started to come out of the hole he were making in my stomach, my doctor told me when he opened me up after that my blood pressure were gone my heart at that time just squirted a pink foam they had to take blood from my cavity through a machine and put it back in my body.

When they had me back from death door and were waiting for a specialist to come and fix my aorta my lungs collapse on me again, all this time I know God had his hand over me again because six days later I woke up and were feeling very bad but alive.

Things from this day on went from bad to worst because after this operation I was never the same anymore stomach pains were the ting I had to withstand from day to day, but I just kept on smiling because God were with me all the time.

The next ten years were not as I would want it to be but at least I were alive and a person with that symptoms cant complain, only in 2011 I had a stroke just as I turned 61 from that day on I started to talk more to God and also started to eat only fish and chicken no more red meat also stop taking a drink not that I ever drunk a lot.

I made a promos to God this time that if he will just let me live without pain in my last days I will stop with all the things he pointed out at me, there was not many things but since I started praying every night and ask him to help me and my family he had made my almost pain free.

I work almost every day in my garden and are so much better since 2011 I don’t have to complain any more because God is with me every step of the way he left an Angel with me and I do believe that there are one every minute of the day. Yes Angels is with us they are real and work with us every day.

May God bless and keep you every day of your life.

P.J Badenhorst

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