The Art Of Knowing Your Enemy In Order To Defeat Him!

I have learned over the course of 37 years as a believer about standing strong against evil. that there are many God given rights and abilities that as a Born Again man I can do well. The beauty of it is that anyone can do these things, no matter how young or how old you are in the Lord.

They are simply based upon certain biblical understandings that once understood will make you fearless in the face of evil, notice I did not say disrespectful! As a believer you must draw a line between the power that you use to defeat evil and your frail human power that will allow evil to defeat you. Only God can overcome evil, you ALONE cannot for obvious reasons any sane person can understand.

First you must understand that demons ARE WHAT THEY DO...demons of (rebellion, sickness, doubt, unbelief..etc.) are bound to act within their particular missions (Murder, Lust, etc..) a devil of deception is as much deceived by his OWN MISSION nature as the person he inhabits.

Devils are filled with "Infighting among themselves" and only work together for the common goal of destroying you so they cannot do anything beyond what you WILL allow them to do or to get away with in your life!

They are bound to "Flesh/Soul existence" doomed to eternal death, unable to attack us in the spiritual realm. Remember they were CAST OUT of heaven and INTO the heavens or atmosphere surrounding the earth. In fact demons must ask permission to stand before us in order to tempt us (See the Book of Job), unless of course they have legal ground to attack our lives because of our actions in sin.

This can come through "Bloodline"curses or simply because YOU have invited the attack by playing around with witchcraft's of any type. All THAT Satan can do is deceive your life. He can also manipulate the laws of science which he is bound too himself.

Understand this simple truth about Satan and demons, nature itself was created to be bound by certain laws of motion and energy, God has total control over Satan because of these laws, he cannot go beyond the natural realm of science and nature, BUT understand something important here, Science as we know it is still a limited concept, in other words Satan knows things about nature and all physical laws that humans are only beginning to learn about, so he naturally has the advantage over natural man's understanding. But the Born Again experience opens us up to God's unlimited understanding, this is why most of our understanding of the universe was discovered by Christian men.

Thus Satan and his minions can appear as an angel (Messenger) of righteousness (or Light) which he did to me as a black witch...he's very good at being very bad..but he's even better at dressing up as your friend until it's time to pay the price! Then all of a sudden he's on the inside as your conscience, condemning the actions he helped you produce.

The problem is Most people think of demons in terms of Ugly, revolting, lizard like, or ghostlike creatures which are easy to detect well, they can appear as that if it suites the purpose at hand (i.e. Haunting or Fantasy Illusions of the mind) BUT The real truth is that demons are most likely to appear in an attractive form that you relate to and even love to be with, a form that fulfills deep seated desires and practice that you already are comfortable with (i.e. Religious practices THAT GOD DETESTS or even personal habits). Demons are by nature deceivers and liars.

They love to masquerade, so even Christians are fooled by them (If it were possible even the elect could be fooled EXCEPT it were for the spirit of God within to warn us). They really love the deception of appearing as "passed on loved ones" with the end result being a misrepresentation of the spiritual laws which the bible makes very clear cannot ever happen (i.e. The fact that scripture says in the book of Hebrews that "After death is Judgment not hanging around in a life that cannot support their existence)

A Demons nature (or How they act because of what their individual missions in the lives of certain humans are.) binds them within a certain moral framework by which they are controlled. For instance a demon of LUST is bound to his lust just as his host is and this can be the undoing of his power over you if you learn how to counter it with scripture and deliverance.

The Bible clearly portrays them as personal beings. They have personal intellect (Mark 5:7), knowledge (Acts 19:15), emotion (Matthew 9:31; Mark 5:7; James 2:19), self-awareness (Mark 5:9), will (Matthew 8:31), and ability to speak (Mark 1:24; 5:7-12; Acts 19:15).

They are in all ways just as personal as you are! Demons act in conjunction with Satan's planned purpose but do not always obey his lead because they are inherently rebellious in their innermost being and can be turned upon each other as God has done many times in scripture, turning whole armies upon themselves to protect Israel. Each demon has its own "personal Agenda"aside from Satan's ultimate purpose, just as human hosts have personal agendas that drive them to success or failure aside from what family or friends might suggest.

The occult can certainly be a gateway for demonic activity and the Bible forbids us to be involved in occult activities even if it seems innocent to us the danger is that some people are not able to resist it's allures!

(Deuteronomy 18:9-14; Leviticus 19:26b,31; Isaiah 47:8-15):

1.) Divination = fortune telling (i.e. Taro cards, Crystal balls, E.S.P.),

2.) clairvoyance (Physics, Ghost whisperers).

3.) Sorcery which operates by charms (This also includes religious items worn to protect from evil as in Voodoo),

4.) music ( that instills or inspires to negative emotional attachments),

5.) drugs (Including anything that diminishes your ability to resist Demons from attaching to our past bloodline or current fleshly habits)

6.) Witchcraft that operates by spells, curses, hypnosis and in some cases a form of mass hypnosis is employed to deceive large amounts of adherents at one time.

7.) A Medium or spiritualist is someone who acts as a channel through whom the spirit {demon} speaks. They are Consulting the dead (or necromancer's), calling up the dead (spiritual entities)

Yet think about this: most of those whom Jesus delivered from demons were religious Jews, forbidden ever to practice witchcraft or idolatry. They were "normal" people, neither criminal, insane, nor spooky (Matthew 8:16; Mark 1:39).

Demons are active in less obvious ways than the occult.

a.) The worship of other gods or idols is in fact the worship of demons (1 Corinthians 10:19-21; Revelation 9:20; Deuteronomy 32:17; Psalm 106:36-37).

b.) Demons are involved in the teaching of false doctrines (1 Timothy 4:1-2; 1 John 2:18-22; 4:1-3).

c.) Demons preach from the pulpit of some churches (2 Corinthians 11:13-15).

d.) Causing jealousy and discord among God's people is an activity of demons (1 Samuel 18:8-10).

e.) So too is lying (1 Kings 22:21-24).

Remember religious demons are just as dangerous as if not all the more dangerous than those behind the occult! But let's look at this closer, is not false religious practice nothing more than "Witchcraft" anyway?

Do not false religious people curse and otherwise defile the temple of God by hurting his true purpose in the earth "To free mankind from the work of Satan"?

So in effect religion is a form of the Occult because it fulfills the purpose of the occult which is to spread the words of darkness throughout the earth - Anything that disobeys the word of God is in darkness!

Remember well that "Witchcraft" has received a bum rap over the years by Hollywood in that most of the so-called witch crafts on the screens that we see are nothing more than hyped up wishful thinking.

The Salem witch trials were more "Religious-craft" than witchcraft, the real witches were the phony religious people that showed their pious contempt for all that was truly godly in nature in exchange for self-gratification and personal hatred!

At times Jesus spoke directly to demons, and they to Him (Mark 3:11-12; 5:6-13).However, there is no New Testament pattern for holding lengthy USELESS conversations with demons and I know personally this only works to the advantage of Satan keeping him in the host longer while we reveal info that he can use to stay there. This should be avoided since their basic nature is that of deception (1 Timothy 4:1; 2 Corinthians 4:4; Revelation 20:3,7,8,10).

What deliverance ministries do is to be specific and to the point in their questions to demons

1.) "What is your name (Nature)?

2.) Why are you here? revealing the root cause of infection IN THE FIRST PLACE.

3.) and When did you come in? revealing the first reason and generational bind of the devil. But facts prove that this method is not always successful for the ground that gave the demon a place to reside cannot be cast out.

Deliverance from demonic influence will not be obtained by "casting out" only. The ground which admitted the evil spirit in the first place is the ground that can keep a person in possession or oppression (Ephesians 4:27 - "foothold"). Evil spirits can be cast out in the Name of the Lord Jesus, but the ground they have gained can only be removed by the intelligent choice of our wills refusing the territory given to them, and appropriating the deliverance by death with Christ on Calvary.

This should not surprise us for Jesus Himself plainly warned that demons will seek to return and may bring others with them (Matthew 12:43-45). Upon at least one occasion Jesus commanded the demon to come out and specifically added "and never enter him again" (Mark 9:25).

Unless the ground of demonic influence is dealt with, no full relief can be obtained, or change seen, in the majority of deliverance's BECAUSE THE GROUND LURES THEM TO RETURN WITH 7 MORE WICKED THAN THEMSELVES if we do not cleanse the ground and plant new seeds of change in it.

This is where prayer, church, meditation upon the Word and Fasting come in as believers, we must control all entrances to our life or they will attempt to do it. Fill your life with God because wherever God is lacking demons are knocking.

So in conclusion let me state that Demons are totally defeat-able but only by God, we are simply his vessels to produce deliverance only.

I am a LICENSED MINISTER of the Gospel and a FORMER WICCA / BLACK WITCH and Substance Abuser who was brought to Faith in Jesus Christ in Aug of 1979. My Ministry is to reach those in the Occult/Cults and SKEPTICISM with the TRUTH of God's Eternal Word! I am unremarkable but my God is most remarkable in his scope and has worked in me a miracle beyond compare.
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